Imagine: The Murloc Football League

On Sunday’s Queue over at Blizzard watch, I asked the question: If you could introduce one thing from the “real world” into WoW, what would it be, and how would you introduce it?

murloc attack1

The Murloc of Elwynn forest are speedy fast, and vicious. You mess with one, you mess with them all!

My idea was the Murloc Football League (American rules). It’s an idea I have had for a while now. Kind of just head cannon that’s been bouncing around in my skull. I love NFL football and who doesn’t love murlocs? It’s a great blend. While thinking about it, I thought of some more fun I could have. It would start out with a handful of teams. Maybe 4-6. One of the teams would be run by goblins. If you know goblins, they are all about making money. As such, they would do anything to get more. Which includes cheating/exploiting the rules.

The goblins would bring different races into the mix each week. Like a team of gnolls. Of course, one of the other teams–the gnomes, would have to counter with mechanicals. Well, you can imagine where it might go from there.

The Murloc Football League (MFL), would be introduced with a week long celebration. There would be quests where you pick a team (2 alliance, 2 horde, 2 neutral) and try to garner support for it.

What do you think? Would you want the Murloc Football League to come to Azeroth? Feel free to comment or add your own idea in the comments below!


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2 Responses to Imagine: The Murloc Football League

  1. Bugboy says:

    “…and who doesn’t love murlocs?”

    Well, as Chairman of the local non-partisan Anti-Murloc League… 😉 Seriously, pre-Cata, those things made Elwynn Forest a wretched hive of scum and villainy far better than any measly bounty hunters and semi-legal freight haulers could. I have scars.

    That said, this would be tons of fun, far more than a brawlers’ guild or enslaving poor mini-pets into WoW-style cockfighting. When I think of a murloc halfback, I can’t help but think of Marion Barber. He just had such a seemingly wild, out-of-control running style, it’s not unlike the way those murlocs around the lake in Elwynn run. Put to productive ends, like playing football, I might actually even be able to forgive the little bastards one day. Count me in!

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