Time and space

Something went off in your head

What was it?

A little bright light, what did it say?

It told you that you needed to talk to me.

It told you…

Something sparked inside you mind

It led you, it bled you dry

Your motivation, is not mine,

What you’re feeling, well I’m not feeling fine.

We’re different as night and day.

I need time, I need space

You wonder why, how things fell apart

I don’t know, I’m not that smart

Someday, I’ll get it

Someday, the sun will shine through the clouds

I’m on my own journey, and you have yours

Don’t make it harder, don’t make it worse

Someday, I’ll have it all, I swear

Someday, I’ll learn to live without a care

I’ll take my own path, and I’ll take my time

You take the high road, who knows what you’ll find.

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