Is Cam Newton the greatest ‘dual threat’ QB in history?

I just stumbled upon this interesting post on I love the question. Over the years, we have seen some of the greatest athletes come and go at the quarterback position. From Fran Tarkenton, to Cam Newton, and everyone in between. Is Cam the best though? Let’s see.

The article puts the following QBs up vs what Cam has done in 2015:

2015, Russel Wilson- 4024 passing yards, 34 passing TDs, 1 Rushing TD

2012 Robert Griffin III- 3200 passing yards, 20 passing TDs, 7 rushing TDs

2010 Michael Vick- 3018 passing yards, 21 passing TDs, 9 rushing TDs

2004 Daunte Culpepper- 4717 passing yards, 39 passing TDs, 2 rushing TDs

1994 Steve Young- 3969 passing yards, 35 passing TDs, 7 rushing TDs

1990 Randall Cunningham- 3466 passing yards, 30 passing TDs, 5 rushing TDs

2000 Donovan McNabb- 3365 passing yards, 21 passing TDs, 6 rushing TDs

I added McNabb in because he might not have had one of the best years, but passed for over 37000 yards, threw 234 TDs, rushed for 3459 yards, and 29 TDs in his illustrious career.

Forget single season though, Cam has already passed for 18000 yards, 117 passing TDs. He has rushed for 3200 yards and 43 rushing TDs in only 4 years. He has rushed for double digit touchdowns in two of those four seasons.

I’m not sure you can simply use stats to tell the whole tale though. There have been other QB’s with the same size, speed, or passer ability. I’m not sure they were ever in the same body. What Cam Brings to the table can’t simply be measure by numbers or speed. Until this year he was probably an average passer. He makes some stunning throws, but he left a lot short, wide, or otherwise inaccurate. In 2015, he put it all together.

Then there is his goal-line ability. That’s where he really shines. As a pure runner, I would say Michael Vick or Randall Cunningham probably had him beat. Cam’s height and raw power gives him another dimension. Takes him to another level. He’s not as elusive as Vick, Cunningham, or even Doug Flutie or Russel Wilson, but he can see things where those guys couldn’t. He also has a very strong arm. Plus, he made Ted Ginn Jr. look like an NFL wide receiver!

Is he the best of all-time? I have to say slow down on that one. Let’s see what he does in the Super Bowl next week. Russel Wilson has 2 of them under his belt. Most dual threat QBs have never sniffed a Super Bowl. 2015 will go down as one of the best seasons for a dual threat QB, but to be the best of all time, he has to have a the championships to go with it.

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