Card of the week: Lance Carrier

Card of the week is back after a little slacking off hiatus. This week we are taking a look at the awesomeness that is the Lance Carrier. This one is a gem folks. Let’s go!

Lance Carrier

The Lance Carrier has the potential to make good cards great!

The Lance Carrier was given to us with The Grand Tournament. I’m really not sure why I didn’t notice it’s awesomeness sooner. I know a lot of people play Abusive Sergeant, and that’s cool. Lance gives you a permanent +2 and has 2 health, which means it will stick around longer. The more important issue is the +2 is permanent, unless the card is removed or silenced, of course. This has a lot of possibilities, especially if you like playing certain cards. I recently put it in a “2 or less” deck which I made for the quest, “play 20 minions that cost 2 or less” quest.

The strategy: Pretty straight forward. Play it on a minion to give it more power or a minion with no attack, to give it the ability to attack.

Cards that accent it: Any minion. Every Minion! I will share some of my favorites:

Shieldbearer– This 0/4 minion with Taunt could use a little attack to help dispatch an enemy minion.

Arcane Golem– This 4/2 minion with charge becomes “Leeroy Jenkins” without giving your opponent two 1/1 whelps.

Dragonhawk Rider– A 3/3 minion that has an Inspire mechanic: Gain Windfury this turn. Always good to buff those minion with Windfury.

Thrallmar Farseer– Another perk of the Lance Carrier is to put minions into that 4 attack “safe zone”. This turns the 2/3 Farseer into a 4/3. Did I mention this minion has Windfury?

Nerubian Egg– Gives this minion 2 attack, which does two things: Allows it to dispatch a minion, and potentially allows it to activate the Deathrattle, which spawns a 4/4 Nerubian. The only thing that sucks is that all Naxx cards are being “retired” to Wild Mode.

Bonus play: This is where it really gets nasty. Youthful Brewmaster is one of my favorite cards, especially with the Battlecry mechanic. Pull a card back, play it again. Factor in the possibility you have Brann Bronzebeard on the board and you have a really epic capability. Who needs Reno Jackson?

How it’s acquired: Obtained from The Grand Tournament packs, or you can craft this little mo-fo for just 40 dusts.

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