Thibodeau turned chicken sh-t into chicken salad

When the Bulls fired Tom Thibodeau and hired Fred Hoiberg, I wrote about how Hoiberg should be John Paxson’s last coach to be hired. He’s hand picked 4 coaches now, and by my estimation fired the best one. Watching this year’s team, it’s clear to me. Thibs made chicken salad out of chicken sh-t.

From Jimmy Butler to E’Twaun more, and everyone in between: Thibodeau got the most out of them. The knock on him was that by time the playoffs come, the team was too broken down and tired. This year, the team is riddled with injuries, loses games they should win, is scoring less, playing worse defense, and at this point are in danger of missing the playoffs. Remarkable considering sub .500 teams qualify for the post season.

So what’s changed? Attitude? Discipline? The talent is pretty much the same, yet the performance of certain players is down.

Thibodeau might not have been able to take the current team to a championship, but Hoiberg is exposing the team for what it is. To me this all falls on the front office. Gar Forman might be the eventual scapegoat, if I was him, I would be looking over my shoulder, and updating my resume.

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