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Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly. Season 6 continues with the premiere of  “No way out” last night. All I can say is, “Wow!”. They balled out. I thought the season 5 premiere, “No Sanctuary” was the best premiere to date. This blew it away. I can’t imagine a better episode ever. Before we get to all that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Pretty much every question was answered tonight. I’m not even sure how they did it. Full disclosure, I started enjoying some adult beverages a few hours before the premiere (I recorded all of season 6 and watched them prior). It helped me enjoy this episode more than any other episode in the history of The Walking Dead.

This was an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end. Starting with Daryl nuking “Negan’s” posse. I thought they could use the rocket launchers on them, but didn’t know how. When the lead dude told one of his men to take Daryl to the back of the truck, I briefly thought about the RPGs Abraham found. Of course, the direct threat of him or Sasha being shot made me quickly forget about it. Then BOOM! I had tears in my eyes and started laughing, and “fist-pumping”. I really did. What a way to kick off a season.

Cheese: There was relatively “no cheese” in the episode, save for Carl getting shot in the eye, and living. I’m not a ballistics expert, but I kind of think if you get shot in the eye, the bullet will exit out of the back of your head. Especially from a 9mm round. I suppose it’s possible that it doesn’t, but that seems highly unlikely. Having watched the entire first part of season 6 right before this episode, I had some other things that annoyed me. (after watching Talking Dead, they kind of explained how it “grazed” his head and fragmented into his eye–makes sense, still slightly cheesy)

All the feels: There were so many times I had a lump in my throat or tears streaming down my face. When Glenn was distracting the walkers with gunfire, with Rick going “Braveheart” on the walkers, then Gabriel takes up the machete, and finally–Eugene “nutting up” and getting into the fight. The sight of Alexandria being cleared out. They threw everything you could possibly want in an episode and then some.

I was not surprised: They kind of hinted at it at the end of the first half of season 6–Sam started calling out for his mom. He freaked out, which lead to him being eaten. Jessie then freaked out, which is understandable, which lead to her being eaten.

I was surprised: Denise making it through the episode. I was going back in forth with the Wolves leader using her as a meatshield or her making it out with him. They kind of cheesed out with him getting bit on the arm, and then having him kind of save her. Maybe he appreciated that she helped him out. It’s a stretch. Either way, she lived, and that was pretty cool. I’m also surprised that the majority of the crew is intact. I thought for sure Abraham or Sasha was going to die. Also surprised that the dude they met on the road was not Negan. He was talking about him in the 3rd person, and that could be because it wasn’t him. I have heard from other people that they did a good job of casting him, so perhaps they were wrong. Negan is supposed to be a really bad dude, so perhaps we haven’t seen him yet.

An eye for an eye: I did read about Carl losing and eye, but I wasn’t sure how it happened. It differs from the comic, but the result is the same. Seems like it was much worse in the comic. I’ll just leave it there. If you want to spoil yourself, you can here.

Redemption: Gabriel taking Judith was only part of his redemption, he then took up the machete and got his hands bloody. He was on my list of characters  I couldn’t wait to see die, which sucks, because I love the actor, and his character’s story. Usually when a character like him redeems himself, they die soon after. Hopefully that doesn’t happen with him.

Stuck in my craw: Since I watched the first 8 episodes of season 6, I had some things in my craw, so to speak. Like when Enid was saying “goodbye” to Carl. She said: “That’s how we-” and got cut off by Carl. There was some talk going around that she was part of the Wolves, which doesn’t seem to be the case. She also had the keys to every building in Alexandria. In the episode “JSS” it showed her arriving at the front gates. More on this later.

No one gets to clock out today: I love Eugene. He gets some of the best lines in the show. He is now a lean, mean, walker-killing machine. I hope he continues dropping lines for a long time to come.

Cheese 2: Okay, I said relatively no cheese, but there was a little more. Glenn had his back to the wall, running out of bullets. I was fully preparing for his 2nd death scene. Machine gun fire erupts from the top of the wall and it was Sasha and Abraham pulling the trigger. I don’t care. It was glorious. Glenn though, the guy is slippery. I wonder though, if they are lulling us into a false sense of security.

Daryl “RPG” Dixon: Or “Mister lake of fire”, you pick. The dude is rising to “Chuck Norris” status. Seriously. I cannot wait to see what else he does this season.

Rick’s scene with Carl was a great way to end the episode. Just when you think he was going over the edge, he pulls back. He also raised his “ass-kicking” status to legendary quality. He’s got an orange border folks.

Questions: As many questions were answered, we still have a few. If that wasn’t Negan who they blew up, who was it? Some random henchman with all that personality? A twin brother? I have a feeling we will be finding out sooner or later. Maybe in the last episode?

Morgan and Carol: That whole thing kind of needs to be addressed. I mean, harboring the Wolves leader, than fighting off Carol to keep him alive. I love Morgan, but this can’t go on. I hope things get resolved and he can put his beliefs and skill to good use. Maybe train others how to fight.

In the sneak peak for next week’s show, you hear Michonne ask, “What are you doing here?” They then show Enid and Spencer. It could be editing to throw us off. I don’t see Spencer as the type to be going off alone (although he did try, a couple episodes ago). I hope he is not playing for another team because I really like his evolution as a character. Could he an Enid be conspiring?

Furthermore, did Enid meet up with Negan’s crew? Probably not, because they don’t seem the type to let people go.

What happened to “Bonnie and Clyde”? The two former Negan members who ripped Daryl off (took his bike and crossbow). We can’t be done with them. Daryl needs to at least get his crossbow back. Did they go back to Negan and trade both to get back into the group? Did they follow the trio back after they blew up the biker gang?

That’s all I got for now. I look forward from hearing from a few of you fans who I regularly talk with. Let the conversations commence!


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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. other Jeff says:

    Back of my mind since the season break was….”where’s the RPG? Abraham….where’s your RPG?”
    I knew when Darryl went behind the truck with the Negan flunky he was gonna take him out but I expected him to pop up with flunkies M-4 and go full auto on the rest of them, but….FFFFSSSS…………BOOOOM. That was friggen awesome. Yep, I was jumping up and down yelling and fist pumping too!. Who wasn’t?!?!
    I was also half expecting Sasha to whip out a second gun and drill 4-5 of them between the eyes.
    I don’t think the head goon was Negan, he also said “and if you can get your hands on a tanker, you are people our person wants to know”. Usually if some one is talking about themselves in the 3rd person, they would have used the name rather then “our person”. Just a guess though.

    I half expected Ron to either “save” Sam some how getting himself munched, or talking to him, stepping up like a big brother and getting him settled enough to continue. When Sam had the flashbacks of what Carol said to him I thought…”uh ohhhh, thats what fukked him up.”
    Sorta didn’t mind Sam getting munched, he was screwed in the head already.
    Sorta surprised they killed off Jessie, disappointed too, she’s cute.

    Damn cool Mishonne taking junior porch dick (that was funny, about shot ice tea out my nose when Hardwick said that) ass out. That whole scene was starting to irritate me when Carl couldn’t break loose from Jessie’s grip, then Ron the douche picking up the gun that conveniently drops from Carl, then after Michonne skewers him the gun still goes off and catches Carl. Come on really?!?!??!?!?! ANOTHER life threatening gunshot…. I was thinking awww shyt, the shows gonna go down the dumper just like LOST it’s last season.
    Yes, that type of wound is entirely possible, bullet glancing off skull bone if it hits at an angle, skulls are tough. Then just shards of bone tearing up the eye.
    But again REALLY?!?!?! The whole domino series of events with that scene was cheesing me off.
    Though now, afterward I see why they did that. If they made it out, there wouldn’t have been a bizzerker red rage Rick, then there never would been a balls out rally from the Alexandrians, now one with RIcks posse. Now this is (all) their town and they all bonded in some MAJOR ASS KICKERY taking it back.
    When Rick first walked out in slow motion I started thinking…”Noooooo….” that is was the end of him, no friggen way in hell he was gonna clear the town on his own or even fight thru them to get back to the quarry. My mind raced ahead, Michonne would emerge as the new leader and surrogate parent to Carl and Judith, then she heads out…WTF, she’s a gonner too, yeah, I can see it now, Carl loosing the same eye as the Governor, Rick and Michonne gone he would be looked upon as the next leader, like the other boy king, King Tut.
    Notice that was a nice parental kiss Michonne gave him before going out to fight, hmm they have been getting close lately (since they lost the prison). Maybe a segregate mother figure to Carl because her and Rick hook up?!?!!? Hmmmmm
    Maybe she makes Carl a man? wooooo
    But, as mentioned, when EVERY ONE, including father Gabe and the, up until this point, wimpy Alexandrians, I saw what they (writers) were doing. I’m not including Eugene with the wimpy folks or the head up their ass folks (like Gabe) because as dorky and awkward as he is I always knew he had the guts to nut up when the chips were really down.
    About time they all pulled their heads outa their asses and grew a pair, and finally they ALL came together as one.

    Glenn; I thought our little pizza delivery boy turned walker slayer bad ass was gonna get munched. I thought they saved him from Nicholas’s suicide just to get him back but still an “arms length” from reuniting with Maggie and dying so close yet so far from her arms.
    In the back of my head I was thinking, ‘Daryl, Abe, Sasha are less then 20 miles away, they should be back anything now…’ and I was half expecting to see that tanker rip thru the walkers right by Glenn and rescue him. It was still pretty good how they did it….just in time. Yeah, some cheese.
    I love Abe’s gung ho attitude, like he’s having fun. “Can ya get the gate?…. Appreciate it pal. HEH HEH HEH HEH”
    I knew they were going to use the fuel some how, it was pretty obvious as the scene with Daryl and the 3 he ran into in the woods told him how the walkers were attracted to the fire in the woods and they used the fuel to start it. Same as knowing Abe’s RPG was going to comein to play some time.
    Morgan; for me the jury is still out about him. I dont see it as him ‘coming around’ since he previously had no problem going off on walker killing sprees.
    I can see another meeting about him coming up soon between Rick, Carol, Michonne, Glenn and the others about what to do with him, exile, or stay. Yeah, he’s a good guy and really great at walker slaying…BUT you have to know if you encounter bad humans, wolves, Negan, Governor or roving marauders like the Claimers, you can rely on him. He’s got a looong way to prove he WILL kill a bad human threat.

    Sneak peak, Enid and Spencer; Yeah, I think they edit the clips to throw us off, they always have.
    Pretty sure, especially after this episode she is not with any other group. I think she always felt she was never really part of Alexandria. I doubt Spencer (or anyone) is a plant for Negan, he would have easily pillaged Alexandria long time ago. Plus Negans motorcycle goons said ‘your going to take us back to where ever it is you call home.’
    Also, I don’t think Spencer would have betrayed his mother and father by “working” for some other group. Misleading editing, yep.

    I do know there is another group out there, on the TV guide little synopsis of next weeks show it says, “a seemingly simple scavenging run proves to be very tricky when the group isn’t the only one vying for an unexpected supply goldmine.” They might not be bad, obviously there will be some heated discussions on who gets what. Maybe Spencer thinks it’s time for a change and wants to leave with them?

    • oxxo910 says:

      There is lots I want to say but I’m not sure how much of it you want spoiled. I’ve been checking out Walking Dead Wikia, and reading up on the characters to see how close the show is following the comic. A lot of it is not close. Carl got popped by Deana’s character (in the comics its a dude) when he was randomly firing at walkers during the zombie invasion in Alexandria. So same time different char. Maybe cheesier? IDK. I also know now it wasn’t Negan. Negan shows up. Not saying when. There is also more groups out there, not sure how many will get introduced this season. We know there is at least one, depending what they want to call them. I’ll call them Negan’s group for now. Because I know stuff about Glenn, it makes me worry a lot, but like I said, the comics differs from the show a lot, in almost all cases, I like the way the show has gone. For instance, in the comic, Andrea is still alive and is Rick’s woman. Can you even picture that? I think they got that story right.
      I think Michonne and rick will hook up now. I have been wanting them to be a thing for a while. It makes so much sense. She kept him on the right path when he was losing his shit. She’s worthy of a dude like him. Rick is finally in a place where he is worthy for her. This season could very well be the best yet. Also, if you don’t watch the mid season catch up, you should. There were so many little things I forgot about. So pumped for next week. Thanks for the great comment.

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