If you could bring back one character from The Walking Dead, who would it be?

I was thinking about this when a friend brought up T-Dog. I was just getting to like him when he heroically died to save Carol. Well, he got bit first, but still.

This is going to be a tough question to answer for me, because there have been a few, starting with the aforementioned T-Dog. I get why he died. There were more characters on the horizon. Sasha and Tyrese mainly. I’d have to say, I’d take those two over T-Dog. Sorry bud.

Hershel– Some of you might want him back, and it would be hard for me to argue. However, his story was pretty much complete. His death fueled the gang to defend the jail and ultimately defeat the Governor. The perimeter of the jail was compromised in the battle, and that forced the group to find shelter elsewhere.

Beth– Beth’s death still bothers me a little, and I do miss her smiling face. We did get a lot of her story when she was held captive by the hospital people. It would have been nice to see where her and Noah’s relationship would have gone.

Bob– I went through the whole range on Bob Stookey: Liked him, didn’t like him, hated him, and ultimately loved his character. He brought some happiness to Sasha, and positivity to Rick and the rest of the group. I could have used a little more Bob, but with them heading to Alexandria, there were more characters being introduced.

Deanna– Her story arc was so amazing to watch, especially as I re-watched the first part of season 6 before it continued last week. Deanna’s story was complete. Her work was done. She laid out plans for Alexandria moving forward. She wanted to live though. She had so much energy and fight left. Indicative of the way she went out. Hopefully her legacy will live on with Rick, and her son, Spencer.

Tyreese– Like Bob, I went the whole range on this gentle giant. Liked him, didn’t like him–I’m not sure I ever hated him, but I did learn to love him. He had honor. He was a reluctant hero. Probably one of my favorite moments is when Carol told him that she killed Karen, his girlfriend at the time. He accepted it, and forgave her for it. Tyreese never got to see Alexandria. I think he would have fit in with the community, and maybe thrived there.

Noah– When he was sitting down in Alexandria talking to Reg, it kind of set the table for one of their demise. Reg was passing down some advice, and Noah expressed his desire to build things. It was kind of a “passing the torch” moment. Reg was going to take Noah under his wing, and pass on as much of his knowledge to the young man as he could. This is one of those “a-ha” moments. It’s sometimes easier to tell than others. I knew one of the men would not survive the episode. I did not think it was going to be Noah. His story was kind of incomplete, in that he was robbed of a relationship with Beth, he found his family was no longer alive. When things were looking up for him at Alexandria, he was a tragic casualty in a run that went bad. Gone too soon.

Eastman– We only got to see this brilliant character in a “flashback” episode where Morgan stumbles onto his cabin in, “Here’s not here”. I have actually heard a few complaints about this episode and I don’t agree with them at all. His story is pretty much full circle in the 90 minute installment, but I feel he had more in him. Had he got to Alexandria, he might have been able to finally make cheese. His death probably was the “final straw” that got Morgan back to reality. Morgan needed to process his loss and accept it. Still, Eastman was a well written character played by a really fine actor.

So, I am really bad at picking sometimes. What character(s) would you like to bring back, and how would you like their story to continue? Feel free to let me know in the comments down under.


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5 Responses to If you could bring back one character from The Walking Dead, who would it be?

  1. other Jeff says:

    While I’d like to see ALL you mentioned come back, except Deanna. *meh* Just didn’t care for her much.
    Eastman is low on me list but only because his short time on the show. He would be valuable at Alexandria for sure, he can fight and he can farm.
    Beth and Noah, yeah, bummed they killed of BOTH of them…sheesh! They weren’t real useful but they were like our younger brother and sister.
    Tyreese, he is fresher in my memory dying more recently then most of the others and probably would like to bring him back the most for that. Also helps he was big and tough and could slice and dice his way thru walkers with the best of them. Can you picture him and Merle both back fighting with the rest in last weeks take back of Alexandria?!?!?!
    I liked Bob, T-Dog, Dale and even Jim, but I think the most practical I’d would love to see back over any one else is Hershel. He was hella smart. Farmer and doctor, he’d be by far more valuable then any of the others (dead) to Alexandria (or any other place they woulda settled.
    He was also smart and a valuable member of the groups main comity or elders (what ever you want to call them).

    • oxxo910 says:

      I toyed with the idea of adding Merle to the list. Merle was pure awesomeness. I loved the actor too. I hope he makes an appearance on Talkind Dead again soon. It’s so cool how they stay fans of the show even after they are no longer on. Thanks for the comment!

    • other Jeff says:

      SPOILER ALERT>>>>>>>>>> if you didn’t watch tonight’s (21 Feb) show yet, STOP here.

      Well well well, the least likely person I woulda brought back…showed up!!!!!
      LOL Sorta. I knew it was her when she first encountered Carl and Enid. Their response plus I noticed the spike in her leg and when Carl pushed her down it looked like a really small person.

      • oxxo910 says:

        I did not expect to see Deanna. I’m glad it happened, more for Spencer than for anything else. I think he will become a key member of the group going forward.

  2. other Jeff says:

    A key member or dead in a week or two! LOL

    I think too it brought him into the group, especially Carl leading her to Spencer.
    And yet another (like they needed more) bonding moment between Carl and Michonne….aka, his new step mom!
    Wooo how about that eh! I wont comment more on that, I’ll wait until your new page on tonights show.
    This song has been going thru my head ever since…..

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