Walking Dead Weekly

After an episode like we had last week, there is the inevitable “slow” episode that follows. It was almost all made up in the last minute of tonight’s episode. Almost. Before we get to all that,

******Spoiler Alert*****

“The Next World” starts out nice and slow, and kind of continues down that path. Too slow after last week’s episode? Maybe. I remember looking at how much time was left, and noting “nothing has happened yet”. I have some issues with the events that took place in this installment.

Haven’t we been here before? Rick and Daryl are too smart, and too seasoned to let some stranger a) get too close to them to take their keys. b) let them steal their truck full of food. c) let them take their weapon. Then there was “Jesus” jumping on the truck after being “hog tied”. What the heck was that? I mean seriously. Just not at all possible. I was disappointed in that whole series of events. Seemed more like lazy writing than anything else.

Carl and Enid: They seem to be moving towards being a couple. Complete with bickering and different ideas of what is going down. That said, I like what Carl did when he led Deanna back to Spencer. That was a pretty cool moment. Between Maggie and Carl, I hope Enid doesn’t feel like she doesn’t belong.

Noobs: Rick and Daryl are way too smart/cautious to let happen what happened. They should have went straight back with the “mother load”. They not only let “Jesus” get away, they let him steal their truck full of food. I had a hard time buying that whole deal. I get that he might lead them to another group. I just think they could have done it in a more realistic way.

Rick and Michonne: I’m not going to say I called it, because it was pretty obvious. I’m glad it happened and I loved how it went down. It seemed a little quick after Rick lost Jessie, but it was revealed on Talking Dead that it was 2 months, which is a long time in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Noobs2: Rick and Daryl track down Jesus and the truck and muscle it away from him. That’s not enough though. When they realize he somehow miraculously jumps onto the truck, Rick slams on the breaks and Daryl runs out after him. It just doesn’t make any sense. If it was other characters I could see it, but not Rick and Daryl. Then they run around a farm trying to catch him. Jesus is able to get Daryl’s gun from him, but then he uses it on a walker that is coming at Daryl from behind. My question is? Why bother? You just got the truck back, go home. They didn’t, and it led to their truck filled to the brim with supplies, sliding into a lake.

Questions: No doubt the biggest question this week is: Who the eff is Jesus? (not that Jesus) Where did he come from? Where was he going. Rick made the observation that he was clean, his beard was trimmed. He didn’t have a weapon. He was definitely taking the truck somewhere. I have a feeling we are going to find out soon.

What’s going on with Carl and Enid? I mean, beyond the obvious. Alexandria is a pretty big place. Why feel the need to sneak out into a walker infested forest to sit and read comic books. Is it to keep reminding themselves the world is a dangerous place? I dunno. Enid does state she doesn’t want to do it anymore, and I think that means a lot for her character.

How did Jesus escape? When we last saw him, Rick and Daryl had him tied up in the “stranger shack”, left him a nice note and a glass of water. His hands were tied. I mean, we know he can quickly get out of that, but how does he a) get out of the locked house, and b) find Rick’s house, and further, c) get into Rick’s house without them hearing.

Zombie kill of the week: Michonne gets honorable mention as she sliced a walker’s head in half. It was a pretty swing. I have to give it to Spencer though, who tracked down his mom, Deanna, and put an end to her life of undeath. I’m glad he got to do it. It could be an indication that he will be a character of importance for a little while.

That’s it for this week’s discussion and recap. I look forward to speaking with some of you in the comments, and on twitter!



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