Brawl of the week: Clash of the Minions

This week’s Tavern Brawl is a fun one: Clash of the Minions–Each minion you play has Charge and Taunt. Oh, yeah!

Clash of the minions

Clash of the Minions.

This makes for an interesting dynamic. Now, I thought, why play a minion with Taunt? Well, they do have a high amount of health. So there’s that. Pick your hero, and build a deck that you think will wreck some face. Be prepared to see some minions you don’t normally see.

Smash that face

Smash the face. Get the win. Enjoy your free pack.

Will this favor certain decks over others? Maybe. I picked a warlock and put lots of small/low cost minions. I won, but partially because my opponent froze up. So, go get in there and see what you can do. Good luck!

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