What sporting event would you delete from history?

A couple nights ago, WSCR overnight host Les Grobstein posed this question to his listeners. I think it was a good one. I have a few I would like to delete for various reasons.

In no particular order:

Game 1 between the Bulls and 76ers. April 28th, 2012, Derrick Rose tears his ACL in the last minutes of a blowout victory. In reality, Rose probably injures the knee in another game. He joins many superstar players who have had their careers altered due to injury.

Game 6 between the Cubs and Marlins: October 14, 2003, the infamous “Bartman” game. 5 outs away from going to the World Series. I recorded the series on VHS, and for some reason, held onto the tapes until the next spring. I threw them all out the night before the season started, in hopes that would “cleanse” them of the taint. Not so fast. The 2004 Cubs were probably the worst team in recent memory. Not so much based on talent, but their shitty attitude, which led to Steve Stone and Chip Caray (you know, Harry Caray’s grandson) leaving the broadcast booth. So yeah, take that game and throw it in a fire. So to speak. Who knows what would have happened.

NFC Championship game 1989: San Francisco came into Chicago on a bitter cold Sunday in January. They shut the Bears out 20-0, at halftime. That my friends was the last time a sporting event brought me to tears. Even later that same year when the Cubs got knocked out by the Giants, it stung a little, but it did not have the emotional impact this game did.

Do you have a sporting event (or events) that you would like to delete from the record books? If so, feel free to tell me about it in the comments down under.


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2 Responses to What sporting event would you delete from history?

  1. other Jeff says:

    What I would leave out is simple….ALL soccer!

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