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Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly. Last night’s episode, “Knots Untie” was a little slower paced, but it laid a lot of groundwork for things to come, and did introduce a new community. Before we get to all that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Abe and Sasha: Kind of an odd way to start things off–Sasha awkwardly telling Abraham she is changing shifts and talked to Eugene about taking over for her. It was apparent she didn’t want anything to do with Abraham. I immediately thought one of these two characters will be dying. This episode also featured Abraham throughout. It almost seemed like a “goodbye” episode. I hope I am wrong.

“I got a friend in Jesus”: The newly introduced character seems to be friendly, really friendly. Is this really real or is he serving the group up to Negan on a silver platter. I like the guy, and the actor, so I am hoping he is legit.

It’s cool: Carl’s reaction to Rick telling him he and Michonne “just started to be a thing”, was cool. He even said so, showing maturity beyond his years. Would have loved him to say something like, “about time”, or “I thought you guys were doing it for months”.

Pouring the Bisquick: Abraham never ceases to come up with witty phrases to describe mundane things. “pouring the Bisquick” might be the cream of the crop. Glenn’s reaction to it was priceless. More fuel to the fire that Abraham’s story arc is about to change/end.

New Community: The Hilltop–Jesus brought the group to his community. I have to admit, I have read about this in Walking Dead Wikia while reading about other characters. This is a huge moment for the show. Lot’s of things happen between the two communities. We find out about Negan and the Saviors too.

Gregory is a dick: It seems like every leader of a community is, well except for Deanna. Maggie didn’t waste much time giving it right back to him. She used her skills to leverage him into giving up half their stuff for taking care of the Saviors.

In blood, we are brothers? It didn’t take long for Rick to shed someone’s blood. In fairness, he was taking care of the dude who stabbed Gregory. Loved when he looked around at the Hilltop residents and said, “What?”. I bet he felt like he was back in Alexandria before the Wolves attacked.

Questions: We had a lot of things covered in this episode. A minor peeve/question popped into my head when both Glenn and Maggie went on the trek to the Hilltop community. I fully understand why Maggie went in terms of the story, but it was kind of dangerous to take a pregnant woman on an expedition like that, not knowing what to expect.

Who will die? It’s clear there will be a heavy cost of taking Negan out. I’m thinking Abraham might be the first to go. Who else? This is a question that will go unanswered until the season finale, and perhaps beyond.

Who will object? At the end of the episode we see Rick addressing the community back at Alexandria. We see the members as he is explaining the deal with the Hilltop community to take out the Saviors. He says it will be a group decision and for anyone with objections to do so now. I can imagine Morgan would be opposed to this. I would not be surprised if he declines.

Zombie kill of the week: Not much action here. There was a grand total of 2 walkers killed in the dark–one by Daryl and one by Glenn. Rick stabbed a dude in the neck though, and he bled out all over him. I’m going with that.

Season 6 is setting up to be epic, 2 new factions and a superbad in Negan. Looks like we won’t get to see him until the season finale. Stay tuned. See you next week!


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4 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. John Patrick says:

    Great synopsis for “Knots Untie”. As always.
    Well, what to say about the 2nd half of the season?
    First episode: WOW!
    Second episode: Jesus! It’s you! 🙂
    Third episode: The Hilltop. Finally.
    Last week began a new phase in the zombie apocalypse. They have survived infection, then surviving amidst the chaos. Now, how do you create a world of “the new normal” between communities that have also found a careful equilibrium?
    I have read all the novels … so I have a fair idea of what is to come. The details are in flux (thankfully) since the show does not exactly follow the novels. I know of three things that are sure to come based on the novels so you may or may not wish to read the next paragraph.
    [Possible SPOILERS]
    First thing, there is another community called ‘The Kingdom’ that is also paying protection to Negan, and Jesus knows about them (he is the go-between). Second, the tension between Maggie and Gregory is not over. Not by a long shot. (Did I say “shot”? Oops.) Third, When Negan meets a group … he always kills one of them. Always.
    [End potential SPOILERS]
    I think the “three questions” that Rick used for vetting new people was a good start, but now he and Michonne (“Richonne”) have the legitimate leadership potential to make big moves. Rick’s appraisal of Negan is straight out of the novels – and it is correct. I am very excited to see how things unfold for our survivors.

    • oxxo910 says:

      First of all, thanks for the detailed comment. Always cool to talk to fans of the show.
      I semi-spoil myself by reading stuff on the wikia, so I know about a couple things. The Negan thing has me really worried, although I think they might switch characters that perish, or change the encounter. Not sure how they meet in the book, but since they met the Hilltop group, they found out a little more about him, including, the fact that he beat one of theirs to death right away.
      I did not know Jesus was working with another group, but I guess he did say they were trading with other communities.
      I am very glad the show differs from the comic, I think I have liked pretty much every decision they have changed (killing Andrea, having Tyrese and Carol live longer for starters). I think that’s why I don’t mind reading the Wikia.
      It certainly will be interesting how the rest of the season goes. I don’t think we see Negan until episode 16, but you never know. Thanks again for the comment!

  2. other Jeff says:

    I think the same about Abes story coming to an end…(sucks)
    With all of his flashbacks and inquires about kids and stuff, all after Sasha giving him the “no” signal, shows Abe is cool with all that and realized he really is happy with Rosita. Also asking Daryl if he ever thought about ‘settling down’ then fondling the necklace she gave him with that look of deep thought on his face. All that combined with him losing the necklace makes me think he’s gonna get killed in the battle (battles..??) with Negan. Damn, I really like this character. Wouldn’t be surprised if we and Abe, find out he “pored the Bisquick” and “made a pancake”…. hes gonna be a father.

    I think Jesus is going to turn out to be a good guy and see him being in the series a while.
    Although for a few seconds I was thinking “hmmm, Negans group of azzholes are called the *Saviors* and this characters name is *Jesus*….hmmmm”. BUT…if he was going to “feed” them to Negan he easily coulda led them into an ambush rather then back to Hilltop. Taking them to Hilltop first wouldn’t make any sense at all.

    Richonne….almost expected Carl to be jealous…”damn is paw…I wanted her..” LOL
    Or he coulda said, ” did she do that little special move for you too?” LOL LOL

    Yeap, Gregory is a douche but I think he is a good guy overall. He probably is like that because he’s weary of other groups after being under the thumb of Negan. I was sorta thinking he was going to die then Jesus would take over the group.

    Speaking of Hilltop….there doesn’t seem to be too many of them. Am I the only one that thinks Rick should invite them all to Alexandria?!?!?!?! Plenty of room there. The ‘Hillys’ are obviously weak in the protection end but bring valuable other skills to the table. Alexandria is strong and spacious. Combined would be a positive for both and a stronger community.

    I leked Daryl’s challenge, “why dont you come and get them…”
    Second only to Ricks “What!” It was sorta like a half “what, you don’t do this every day? and half “you got a problem with this?”

    • oxxo910 says:

      I was thinking about the same thing with the Saviors and Jesus. I think there is more going on than he has revealed. He might be one of those characters you have to evaluate on a week to week basis (not unlike Merle and Shane, and even Gabriel)
      Seeing as I thought Abe was done for when he met Negan’s bike gang, I am taking every episode with him as bonus. I’m thinking like 4-6 major characters (not original 6) will die the rest of the season. The Negan battle will be pricey.
      I had not thought about Abe possibly being a father, especially with him saying he “doubles up” to avoid it.
      The thing with the necklace falling off- I think that might get him in a fight with Rosita, especially if she sees him getting close to Sasha–which could make his death even more hard to take for her. If he dies, of course.
      Daryl does seem to be getting really aggressive lately. I don’t blame him. Sometimes it works against him though like falling for firecrackers on a garbage can or losing his gun. He needs his damn Crossbow back.
      Thanks again for the great comment!

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