Brawl of the week: Deal Your Fate

This week’s Tavern Brawl is pretty interesting. You pick your hero, and create your deck, but there is a twist: At the beginning, you will select one of four perks. We had a brawl similar to this a couple months back.

Deal your Fate

Deal Your Fate. Deal your opponent a crushing blow!

The four perks are*: Extra Armor, Spells reduced by (1), The Coin, and Unstable Portals.

Choose your fate wisely

Choose your fate wisely!

I went with Unstable Portals, mostly to thwart anyone using a Reno deck. I have a sneaking suspicion my opponent might have been. He conceded awfully quick. Interestingly, they chose the extra coin, which you could totally build around. Actually you could build a deck around any of these options. In fact, by later tonight, and as we go along, this will be more and more the case.

Don't give up!

Don’t give up!

So get in while you can, and have some fun. Smash some faces, and pick up that extra pack. See you next week!

*Edit: There are actually more than four perks, and an additional twist as the game moves along.

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