Will you still do garrison missions in Legion?

Last week, Wowhead broke the news that the gold missions currently from your garrison will be removed in Legion. Most of us knew this day was coming. In fact, I have been preparing for it by doing little else but garrison missions. I have enjoyed making gold, and paying for my sub with that very currency. It’s been about a year since I last shelled out real world cash to play Warcraft. So will you still partake in garrisons once Legion hits?

I think I will on some level. There is still gold to be had with all the gear from garrisons. Especially if you have leveled your followers to 630 or better. The weapons sell for 50-75g a pop. Allegedly, the treasure trait will turn into the trait that boosts resources (scavenging). There will still be junk crates (unless they nerf those). I think what I will do now is focus on building up a team of followers with the speed perk (Epic Mount).

Right now, I only hit garrisons once a day. When Legion hits, and I am logging more game time, I can see myself logging out to check garrisons. I see no reason why not. Especially if gold is harder to come by in Legion.

Will you still run garrison missions on any of your characters?

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One Response to Will you still do garrison missions in Legion?

  1. Dobablo says:

    I have about 100 scavenger crates and growing, waiting to be opened on wardrobe day. I am so glad they stack.

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