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Welcome back to Walking Dead Weekly. Last night’s episode, Not Tomorrow Yet, was probably the most brutal to date. You might need a drink, a hug, or something stronger. Before we get to all that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Say it aint so: Last week we started off with Abraham and Sasha, kind of parting ways, then Abe went back home and got it on bigtime with Rosita. This week, Abe tells Rosita he is leaving. I can’t take this kind of emotional roller coaster. Especially when he tells her he was only with her because he thought she was the “last woman on earth”. Really? I can’t even. Neither one of them died–yet. It’s not going to end well. I warned you.

Preemptive strike: Rick holds court at the church and lays out his plan to hit the Saviors before they hit them. Morgan is the only one who vocalizes that he wants to talk first.

Morgan situation: We got a situation here. It’s brewing. Morgan and Carol had a few words over it. While she says she let it go, there is something that is haunting her. She took up smoking after she chastized Mrs. Neudermeyer from doing the same. You could see it’s bothering Morgan. At the end of the episode he is welding something. More on that later.

Tobin kiss: Carol sat down next to the man and he let her know that he thought of her as more than a “mom”. Then he showed her. I was cheering but at the same time I was like, wait, no. What about Daryl?

Daryl needs some ass: Everyone is hooking up, it’s been a long time coming. Daryl needs some ass. I can’t put it any other way. I would not be shocked, nor would I disapprove if he went for someone like Ross. His sexuality has never really been defined. I thought he was getting close with Beth, then, well, that ended.

Jesus knows the way: In, that is. Jesus pulled up his scarf and disappeared, only to reappear inside the bunker. He’s pulling up the scarf like that is going to make you forget about his hat or long hair, or ridiculous long coat. He knows the way in, and that might mean something.

Blood’s coming: The scene with one of the Saviors and Gabriel was classic. It reminded me a little of Tombstone. Love how Gabriel ended the dude with an “amen.” Such a righteous ass kicker now.

Questions: Why do they still keep taking Maggie? This week it cost them. Carol would not have been in that situation if she didn’t have to guard her. I personally don’t know how someone gets the drop on Carol, but it is what it is. It will be interesting to see how they get out of it. Especially since Carol is the person to pull them out of the shit. Heath and Tara go off right before the Savior comes out, maybe they will see something and double back? Maybe Jesus uses his super hero powers?

Building a better jail? Is that what Morgan is doing? We see him welding something. In the background you see a steel frame around a doorway. It seems like he is in an abandoned house. The house they use to hold people? Someone joked on Talking Dead that he should make a jail and crawl in it. Is he reverting back to that? Or is he preparing for possible prisoners?

Where’s Daryl’s crossbow?!? At the end of the episode we saw a dude try to escape on Daryl’s bike. Last time we saw it, it was the two “ex-Saviors” riding away on it, and with his crossbow. It should be there right?

Love triangle: Now that Abraham left Rosita, will he move in with Sasha? How will Rosita take it? I hope they don’t take the easy way out and kill one of them off. Will Sasha even be interested? She didn’t seem like it, unless she was separating herself to see what Abe would do. Love is so confusing. Even in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Zombie kill of the week: Again, not many zombies killed this show. A whole lot of living humans bit the dust. Nothing real spectacular. There was however, one pretty historic kill–Glenn killed his first human of the show. 80 episodes in, give or take. He buried his knife into the skull of a sleeping Savior. I felt for him. He then took a kill from Heath who was obviously uncomfortable with the task. This wasn’t fun, or cool. It felt like a part of Glenn died, and it probably did. It’s not something that should be celebrated, but should be recorded for what it is.


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6 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. other Jeff says:

    Yeah that comment from Abraham, “I thought you were the last woman on earth” was kinda cold. I really like him BUT that was a douchey thing to say and the timing.
    Hmmm, will Eugene comfort her and she falls for him?!?!?!?! LOL

    Right away I knew something was gonna be screwed up with the attack. Watch it again, they ONLY talked about killing EVERYONE of the Saviors. Ummm, didja forget the three (forgot their names already) people Daryl first ran into that were “subjects” of the Negan “kingdom”. They were trying to RUN AWAY/ESCAPE from there. It would stand to reason there are MANY “subjects” living under Negans rule because they are stuck there. Remember Woodbury? Only the Gov and some henchmen knew he was a dick, the rest were just normal people that thought he was a nice guy keeping them safe. Also the Govs second group, which Tara was one of. They know, thanks to her, they were all good people that were conned by him.
    It bothers me that they (writers/producers) over looked the fact someone like Rick (and some others) would jump the gun like they did and just go attack this base WITHOUT first doing some recon. Just the intel they got from Jesus and broken hand guy (forgot his name) wasn’t nearly enough. Watch the base a few days (at least), note their comings and goings, follow those that go and see where they go, like Alexandria, they probably send out small groups to either scavenge or scout. Wouldn’t have been too easy to get inside if when broken hand guy was showing them the head, a group of Saviors pull back up. Or maybe they use roving patrols outside, which it appears one of these two scenarios did happen. (or….other thoughts on the ones that captured Carol and Maggie)…….
    BUT….Are they Saviors? The dude on Daryl’s bike was inside BUT he could have been a ‘spy’ for some other group OR part of a group that was looking to leave Negan-ville. Hmmmm. Three females, one, a fat dumpy old broad, and two (including dude on bike), sorta didn’t give me the same impression that the bikers Daryl blowed up or the solders inside this base did(pictures of people they killed on the walls and the way they treated broken hand guy).
    If this is a new group, or a group of people looking to leave Negan, are they going to force Rick and company to go after Negan and/or the main Negan-ville before they let Carol & Maggie go? Or demand supplies and weapons and maybe their vehicles and just take off leaving Rick and company defenseless at this outpost with Saviors blood on their hands?

    Is there really a Negan? Is Negan that female that was in charge of the group that captured Carol and Maggie?
    Couple things are obvious, they didn’t kill Negan (or the real leader) and this was only an out post, there is a main Negan-ville some where else.

    MORGAN; I think he is building a jail cell like Eastman had and has plans to use it like Eastman did to “rehabilitate” Morgan. Maybe he just found a goat and wants to keep it safe? LOL

    TOBIN and CAROL, woooooooo. 😉 I can see that working. Dont think Daryl will care, she’s too old for him. I also see them more as brother/sister then lovers. With Beth I got the overall feeling she was like his little sister, didn’t get any ‘romantic’ vibes from either one towards the other.

    JESUS; he already demonstrated he can get in and out of buildings unnoticed when they ‘thought’ they had him locked up in Alexandria, he also scouted their armory. I think he pulled up the cover was to keep them from recognizing him IF any got away, not to become “invisible”.

    Speaking of Jesus….SHIT, when Heath and Glenn emerged from the armory and all the Saviors were dead except for that one, I thought that one shot either Glenn or Heath, the way the both sorta stood there for a second, I was waiting for one of them to drop, then they pan over to Jesus clearly just shooting the last Savior dude. WHEW!!!!!

    GABRIEL; Dayum! What can I say? In the words of R. Lee Ermy as Gunny Hartman in Full Metal Jacket. “you have definitely have been born again hard!”

    Whats up with Carol keeping a log book of humans she’s killed? She going koo-koo? Or is it to keep from going koo-koo? Hmmm.
    Terminus/Courtyard 3?
    CandleWoman 4
    Ws 7

    Obviously of the initials she uses, “Ws” are Wolves, “L” is Lizzy, “K,D” is Karen and David, but who was “R”? I cant recall her first human kill.

    What??? No mention of the ‘line of the day’?
    Broken hand dude to Rick. “The Saviors were scary. But those pricks got nothing on you.” I LMAO.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Haha. I thought the line of the day was when Gabriel killed the one savior, and then was like “amen”.
      The lack of recon thing bothers me a little, but we saw how Negans men are on two occasions, they seemed more like shoot first and ask questions later. We also heard that they like to kill someone right off the bat (pun intended) and that backs up with the comics. Negan is not a good guy by any stretch. Mini-spoiler *****

      Negan is already cast for one show, not going to say which, but we have not seen him yet *****
      I’m disappointed that they didn’t take a bunch of guns when they were in the armory. They are standing around giving each other hugs, when they should have been loading up the vehicles. They should have been watching out for patrols. This is another thing that bothers me about Carol and Maggie getting caught.
      Carol’s book made no sense to me, even when they ran it down on talking dead. It also feels like she killed more than 18. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for the great comment!

      • other Jeff says:

        Yeah I know which show too, not hard to figure out perusing IMDB and looking at the cast for each show! 😉
        I was searching there because the red headed chick looked familiar….she was a teacher turned stripper on Two and a Half Men way back during the Charlie SHeen days. YEEEOOWWWZAAAAAA.

      • oxxo910 says:

        She was also in Justified, if you watched that show. She was the sister who was a lawyer.

      • other Jeff says:

        Never watched that, but I’ll bet she never wore a string bikini writhing around a stripper pole and doing a lap dance (for Allen). Mmmmmmmm

      • oxxo910 says:

        LOL. No. She might have been in a bikini once. Or not.

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