Brawl of the week: Randomonium (Again!)

I forgot how many times we have done this week’s Tavern Brawl: Randimonium. In fairness, it was revamped. Still, it’s easily been the one we have had the most. It’s a decent brawl for both newer, less frequent, and avid players.

Hearthstone Screenshot 03-09-16 14.05.09

Randomonium. It’s not the ordinary pandemonium.

You pick your hero and get a pre-made deck. Each round, different cards are randomized by it’s mana cost. It can get pretty crazy really fast. I normally don’t care for these types of matches, but it does even the playing field. Although they can be one sided.


Looks promising.

So go on in and get your free pack, have some fun, play some random minions! See you next week!

When Reno won't save you

Like I said, things can get crazy, and fast.

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