Walking Dead Weekly

Last night’s episode, The Same Boat was a very dark and complex installment. It was slow at times, but it built up to a furious and deadly finish. Before we get into the details,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

When last we saw Carol and Maggie, they were in the custody of a small band of Saviors who were able to flee the compound of death. Things did not look well. This episode starts of slow, as I mentioned. We get to learn a little about their captors. We even might start to like them a little–or not. Things really heat up the last 14 minutes or so.

And the award goes to: I really hope Melissa McBride gets an Emmy at some point. Her work on the show has been awesome to watch. Her character, Carol also did a great job–once again making her look like a timid “clinger” instead of the lioness she truly is. She did seem to struggle a bit with her latest show of force, almost to the point where it hurt them.

Acting school open, class in session: I went back and forth as I watched Carol having a nervous breakdown. She also stuffs the Rosary into her pocket, and made sure the Saviors saw her pull it out. All part of the grand plan. She did seem to be legitimately afraid of herself though. More on that later…

Maggie don’t play: Upon rewatching the episode I actually got more afraid of Maggie and how easily she turned up the brutality to 11. She went HAM on Molls skull with the butt of her gun, and was able to clear walkers when Carol was having her crisis. Oddly, by then end, she told Glenn “she couldn’t do it anymore”. Maybe that was the realization that she shouldn’t keep putting the baby in jeopardy.

Questions: We’re all Negan– I got kind of tired of hearing that by the end of the show.

***** Spoilers*****

Nothing major, but still…


There actually is a Negan. He was cast, pretty well documented, unless you live in a cave. We have not seen him yet. ***** End Spoilers *****

This whole, “we are all Negan” is puzzling to me. I’m guessing it will come out sooner than later.

Daryl got his bike back, but what about his crossbow? Did they get it out of the weapons cache? Will they meet up with the two who ripped him off? I’m kind of hoping so.

Morgan’s effect: Is Carol’s breakdown related to Morgan? Can’t be right? I mean, she dismissed it when he brought it up. Of course, she went and started smoking soon after. Carol has been strong for so long, I guess it’s just surprising she is faltering so far into the campaign. Will she work through it? Will it lead to someone dying?

I have a feeling these last 3 episodes are going to be balls-out crazy.

Zombie kill of the week: There were many this week, but nothing comes close to Carol lighting the Savior reinforcements on fire on “the kill floor”. Epic is epic. Honorable mention goes to Michelle Ang’s character, Charlie on Flight 462, who took a knitting needle to a crawler who was looking to feed. If you haven’t been keeping up with Flight 462, why not? One of the cast members will make it to Fear the Walking Dead, which starts season 2 on April 10th.


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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. other Jeff says:

    I sorta don’t think Carol was faking. WTF is up with her going “Morgan”, offering to let them go away alive, “go ahead, just run away….”. I think she truly is flaking out. The afore mentioned stuff, telling Daryl she wasn’t all right and clenching her fist after RICK blows Primos head off.
    Maggie I think, though she too broke down a bit, could still nut up any time she needs to and take some scumbag out.

    After last week I started thinking maybe Paula was Negan, but now, “we are all Negan”, I think if there really IS a Negan, then he’s ‘brain washed’ all his followers into thinking he is some sorta god and he is spiritually in all them. Possible, casting some one for the roll is a red herring.
    BUT…..that said, “Dwight” (the guy that stole Daryls bike) is also cast in the last episode. Hmmm

    Also, after last week I started thinking the Savior base they attacked was just a satellite Savior base BUT now after Paula telling Carol they killed ALL her people, also referenced “T’s” group as the ones Daryl blow up on the road, and destroyed their home (also said all their food was gone too). She also never referenced or tried to contact any one other then the two scouts Carol BBQ’d. And that said, with Negan and Dwight in the last episode, I’m thinking this was just the Saviors we’ve seen so far, home and that they are a part of a network, but separate from other groups of Neganites. But if thats how they are organized, and with all theother statements by Paula and the others, no other Saviors or Negan would know who killed this group, maybe wouldn’t even know they have been wiped out yet. And if Negan and other Saviors exist, they must be fairly away and have their own territories to patrol and pillage.

    BUT NOW, we have to factor in a wild card, Hilltop people. They obviously traded with some other communities, who, more then likely were also paying ‘protection” to Paula’s Neganites, or at the very least, know of them thru the Hilltoppers. It’s possible word would get back to Negan/Saviors after the Hilltoppers tell those other communities the good news that the Saviors will not bother them any more, probably introduce Rick & company to them so they can also trade together.

    Hmmm, just thought of this, maybe Alexandrians trade item will be security. Rather then threats to get supplies, they will just ignore them if they ever need help. LOL Rick back in the sheriff bissness.

    • oxxo910 says:

      I think there are lots of changes coming in the next 3 episodes. There are definitely more Saviors. Jesus is being very quiet for some reason. I’m not sure if he saw Negan, but I thought he would have known who he is if he set up trade with him. Why wouldn’t he say, “No. He wasn’t here”? Other than for some reason (I think I know why) they want to make it seem like Negan is “the boogeyman”.
      I think with Abe, Sasha, Rosita, and maybe Carol, they are setting us up for some hard times.
      Thanks for the great comment.

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