Brawl of the week: Battle of Tol Barad (again)

This week’s brawl is another very interesting one: Battle of Tol Barad. We have had this brawl at least once. It can be really fun. It can be a pain too. Battles can last a long time.

Battle of Tol Barad

Battle of Tol Barad.

Every time you play a minion, you get an equal cost spell that has a casting cost of (0). So many ways you can go with this. I used a rogue because I had a rogue/warrior win quest. Filled my deck full of minions and went to town. Took me 2 battles (first one seemed like it went 20 minutes) to get a win. I will be refining my deck.

It should be good for old or new players. I might do a “noob” post for this brawl. Stay tuned. In the meantime, go get in there and get your free pack!

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