The Unseen Manager

You might have heard about the recent controversy with the White Sox and a player by the name of Adam LaRoche. LaRoche came under scrutiny when he decided to retire on Tuesday. What followed is quite an odd story.

LaRoche had been bringing his 14 year old son into the clubhouse. A lot. So much so that VP Kenny Williams had to call him into his office and tell him to “cut back”. That’s about all I will say on that deal.

I will talk about one thing though: Where has Robin Ventura been? I like the former player and the current manager of the White Sox, but I have been calling for his job since last season. The fact is, they have lost more games than they have won under his management. Now this? Where was he all year when this was going on? How dialed out is he? Why was he not managing the situation? Why is Kenny Williams–who isn’t the GM anymore, in the middle of it?

This is another black mark on the White Sox organization, and another instance of upper management infighting. A few years ago it was Williams vs Ozzie Guillen. Last year it was John Paxson and Gar Forman vs Tom Thibodeau. The common denominator: Both teams are owned by Jerry Reinsdorf, who appears to enable his management to lose their minds over coaches. In this case though, it’s the lack of managing at the base level that is creating the problem.

The White Sox have been claiming there is this “new attitude” in the clubhouse this year, now we find out that it might not be the case. Unless you want to call it a worse attitude. This is the kind of issue that normally divides people. To a man, at least publicly, the players seem to be together. What they say privately, off the record may be another story.

It seems to me this will be the same old song and dance on the Southside. Another mediocre campaign under the quiet and calm management of skipper Robin Ventura.

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