Walking Dead Weekly

Last night’s episode, Twice as Far, was a slower paced installment for the most part, but it was filled with subtle things, and a lot actually happened. Before we get to all the details,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

It starts off with kind of an odd sequence. We see our friends going through the same events. Pretty much to show they have settled into routines. Also to show one broken at the end. It’s one of those episodes where you might not appreciate as much at the time, but if you watch it again, you will like it more. I’m already crazy about it. It’s my second favorite of this half of season 6.

Don’t go! I had so much anxiety when Denise was asking Daryl and Rosita to go to the apothecary. She didn’t need to go. She did need to go, but man. You have one doctor. The doctor should stay safe.

Morgan’s prison: We got a glimpse of it a couple episodes back–Morgan was welding something. Looked like bars. He fortified the house that was being used as a holding tank for new residents. Rick popped in, and Morgan told him his plan. I think if they want to do that, they should have it outside Alexandria. Not sure you want to have people you need to lock up inside your safe zone in the new world.

Rosita and Spencer: We see Rosita getting dressed and they pan to the bed. Looks like there is someone else in there. Out pops Spencer from under the covers. Bam! The look on Rosita’s face though is far from joy. She looks emotionless, almost lost. We do get some more interaction with the pair later on, which was cool.

This truck is shit: Seriously. Could Daryl have picked a bigger pile of junk to go on a run with? I was waiting for it to break down. His driving was curious too, which is odd, since he can drive a motorcycle. You think he would be better with the clutch. It made for a funny scene at least.

Bullets? Hell yeah! I shouted out when Eugene revealed he was planning on making bullets. This is kind of something I have been waiting for. Not necessarily bullets, but them starting to make their own weapons. Up until now, we have only seen people using what was available. Only Merle improvised, turning his hand (which had been cut off) into a bayonet. This was epic. He kind of got an inflated sense of self worth after that, but it was good for his character.

Plain and honest: While basking in the glow of them opening up an ammo shop, there was some harsh dialog between Abe and Eugene, both before they entered and after. For the second time in a couple weeks I disliked Abraham very much. Eugene kind of prompted the latter barrage from Abe though when he told him he “outgrew his usefulness”.

I threw up on my glasses: That phrase capped Denise evolving as a survivor in the zombie apocalypse and preceded one of the best moments in the show, which then led to one of the worst moments in the show. Denise’s speech was awesome. It was punctuated with an arrow to the eye. That was bittersweet too.

Daryl’s crossbow: Daryl got his crossbow back. It’s too bad it came at the expense of Denise dying and Eugene getting shot. One thing is for sure: I hope Daryl gets his revenge on Dwight.

Abe and Sasha part 2: In the last segment of the show we see Abraham standing outside Sasha’s place. After a little talk, she invites him inside. Things are about to get complicated.

Questions: The biggest one came at the end of the show. We heard Carol reading a note to Tobin. We saw in the begging how she was struggling with what she did the week before. Daryl even asked her what her captors had done to her. She replied, “What did they do?”, very heavily implying it was the opposite, which we know what went down. So what happens now? We see in the sneak peak for next week that Daryl is getting ready to go out to look for her. Hopefully it is just him. We know what happened the last time he was out alone. He lost his bike and crossbow. Carol is one of the toughest characters in the zombie apocalypse. She is also the group’s ace in the hole. Will she be back in time for the season finale? Or will she be gone for a while?

How will Tara react to the loss of Denise? I can’t imagine she takes it well. Up until now she has been pretty stable, even encouraging people to overcome things.

What will they do for a doctor now? I don’t read the comics, so I don’t know if there is another doctor out there. I think Hilltop has one. Perhaps this will be a bargaining chip for that community.

How will Rosita and Sasha get along now? We know neither woman will take an ounce of poop from anyone. Hell, Rosita won’t even wait for a word, she will assess they way you look at her and fire on you. Sasha is pretty much the same. Will Rosita resent her, or will she deal with it? Looks like a thunderstorm in the forecast.

Dwight and his little merry band of Saviors bumped into Daryl, Denise, and Rosita on their run. They also captured Eugene, which means they are close. How do they not know where Alexandria is? If they have been driving around (and we know they have) haven’t they seen the signs? Why didn’t the group take those signs down? I would have thought after the Wolves attacked, they might have thought about it.

Why don’t they kill the walkers outside the wall? This has bothered me a few times. After the battle for Alexandria, I would have thought they would have wanted to get rid of the ones on the outside, so they don’t draw more near. The one outside the gates has been stuck for weeks now, if not longer. We have seen our heroes kill walkers who were stuck before. Why not right in front of the gates?

Zombie kill of the week: Last week I gave a shout out to Michelle Ang, (Charlie on Flight #462) for driving a knitting needle into a walkers head. This week she did it again, only there was no competition from Carol or anyone else really. Although I am tempted to nominate Eugene for attempting to give an oral vasectomy to Dwight. Way to go Charlie!

That’s all I got for this week. Two more episodes this season. Should be good. See you next Monday!




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8 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. John Patrick says:

    I was three episodes behind until this week. Now I am caught up – and HOLY CRAP!
    I love using that phrase …. it really covers a lot of ground. 🙂
    Well, as to this week’s episode I am constantly reminded of the novels and how some things are the same and some things are not. I really appreciate not (completely) knowing what is behind the next turn. The writing is still top notch, and the episodes continue to be very detail-rich.
    As to striking the Saviors’ “compound” … well, it was definitely NOT the one from the novels. So much so that I realized it was a secondary base. That fits well with the whole idea of Negan’s crew. In the novels, you never saw Negan use a gun, or any of his Saviors use guns when they dealt with other groups. There was a very good reason for that. He never gives away his hole card.
    In the novels, Rick and Co. stage an armed assault thinking they will have the upper hand on Negan’s crew. They never saw any guns. However, just when Rick thought the situation was under control – Negan called out twice as many Saviors hiding from behind cover … and all fully armed. His rationale, “We only use the guns when we have to”. Then bad thigs happen … .
    Never underestimate Negan. We know he has several compounds, a great deal more people than the Alexandrians, and refrigeration for perishables like insulin (remember the “burned forest” scene when we met Dwight? His face wasn’t burned then. It is now.)
    The Rosita / Sasha situation will be OK. Stuff happens in the apocalypse. 🙂
    Carol is a big question. I know she needs to deal with everything she has kept repressed until now (like that kill journal) and she might need some alone time, like Morgan did. Arguably, Morgan was more far gone (emotionally) than Carol is. I am expecting Carol to arrive and save the day (Terminus-style) vis a vis Negan. I have nothing but wishful thinking to back me up on that.
    Final note: FINALLY, Father Gabriel is becoming the Warrior-Priest I have always wanted him to be. He is my second favorite character – right behind Rick / Michonne / Carol (three-way tie for first).
    I will be watching the final two episodes with great anticipation.

    • oxxo910 says:

      I’m definitely not underestimating Negan. Mainly because I know one person bites the dust the first time they meet him in the comics. I can see how they might change it up, or I can see that person dying on the show too. Ever since we saw his bike gang at the end of the first half of season 6, I have been holding my breath (figuratively) each episode. I thought for sure one of the three were going to die (Sasha or Abe). I was very surprised, and pleased they all came out OK.
      Then there is the whole “preemptive strike” thing with no recon. Add to that, the relative ease in which they cleared the base. I expect there will be a rude awakening in the near future.
      I’m a sucker for a good redemption story, and I think we got that with Gabriel. I love the actor and what he’s done with the character so far.
      I did catch that Dwight’s face got burned. No doubt a penalty. The one woman we saw last week had her finger cut off for stealing. Seems like Negan punishes appropriately for the crime.
      Carol has been set up to come back and save the day again, which makes me wonder. She has already done this 2-3 times now. I know there are a lot more characters on the horizon, so nothing would surprise me at this point.
      Thanks for the detailed comment. I appreciate meeting and discussing TWD with fans here!

  2. other Jeff says:

    Carol has lost it, she’s no longer a bad ass.
    I cant see them using Carol to save the day Terminus style…not again, that would be too much and a bit hokey. What I can see, is after some wondering around, she is found, or finds the Neganites and “becomes” one of them like Andria did with Woodbury…except, she’s NOT a dumbass blond and will wait for the chance and after gathering as much info on how they operate as possible.
    I can see her “regaining” her bad assery while she lives with the Neganites and gathering the info on them.

    Morgans cell, that would be better inside just where it’s at. Easier to defend in case a prisoners friends want to come for him. You would also have to devote more resources to defend it or watch over the prisoners.

    Rosita, I dont see it going anywhere with Spencer, she just used him for some…uh, shall we say ‘relief’.

    Yeah, seriously. I cant see Daryl not knowing how to double clutch (rev match) a gear box with worn syncro’s.

    Yes, Hilltop had a real doctor, remember the ultrasound?
    Cant believe they had to kill Denise, coulda just taken the arrow in the shoulder, coulda crippled that arm if they needed to “lose” their doctor for some other story line plot.

    I hope they capture Dwight and leave Tara alone with him a while. SHe’ll take care of his ass.
    I kinda think her reaction to Denise’s death will be to withdraw her emotions and get rather cold.

    I don’t think Rosita will hold any animosity towards Sasha. Shee seems pretty cool and smart and will hold the grudge against Abe.

    DAYUM, Eugene, that was some harsh words for Abe. For some one with almost Vulcan like logic I’m rather surprised at him. Sure coulda been heat of the moment emotions coming thru, but really, that would not have been his first walker kill.
    That peckerectomy he have Dwight was epic. LOL
    They had rifles, why didn’t Daryl, Sasha and Abe tried picking off at least some of Dwights group as they ran thru that field is beyond me. We know she’s a great long distance shot, seen her pick off people and walkers many times. Makes tactical sense too, Abe is military, Daryl’s smart, all three are very well seasoned in the ways of the world now.
    An oversight by the writers like they didn’t have the Alexandrians (I think now we can use that term for Ricks group now) recon the Negan base before attacking it. Even our newest badass, father Gabe would know to do that(in real life). They also woulda had more then just Carol and Maggie on the perimeter covering their ass.

    Hmmm, ya know, when they find the main Negan base or encounter a large Negan force, they still have at least three RPGs. Besides the one on the soldier walker hanging off the bridge, there was a case of them on the back of the truck. Just sayin’, I thinks we’ll see handy little piece of equipment again.

    • oxxo910 says:

      I totally forgot about the RPGs. They did use two of them, so they might have 3 left. At least 3. That would definitely come in handy.
      I could see Carol joining Negans group for a couple reasons–1) to see if there is an alternative to killing and 2) like you said, to scout them out. If not, she might just wander somewhere and just try and be a hermit.
      My thinking on the jail would be like the cabin Eastman had. They would never have more than 1-2 at a time there that Morgan would try and rehab. The inside one, I think would be for their own residents who need a timeout.
      It did look like they had a shot at a couple of them as they were running. I guess they figured save their ammo and maybe be glad they got out of the jam they were in.
      Killing Denise maybe sets up more drama with Dwight and Daryl. Although after getting his junk bit, not sure how mobile he could be. That’s another thing, how was he able to run after that? Adrenaline I guess?
      I really like where Eugene’s character has gone. I hope they keep him around for a little more. I have a feeling though at least 3-4 people will die, including 1-2 original crew.
      Maybe they can recruit a doctor from the Saviors after that whole thing works itself out. I would imagine the battle goes for at least half season 7. The Woodbury thing seemed like a whole season if not more. Thanks again for the great comment. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!

      • other Jeff says:

        They used two RPGs??? I only remember the one Daryl used to blow up (they blowed up real good too) the Negan biker thugs.

        I dont think Carol is actively seeking out the Neganites. I think she’s really trying to be alone but they find her and force her to become part of their community (like Beth was forced to stay at the hospital with Dawn). As her head clears up (after she’s been with them a bit) is when she’ll start ‘observing’ them. Of course they wont have any idea she’s an Alexandrian.
        Along those lines, I also don’t think the Negans know where Alexandria is yet, or even know thats who wiped out that base, even the encounter with Dwight indicated that.

        Anyhow, yeah I can see the battles with Negans going well into next season.
        Why unenthusiastic? Sorta getting repetitive, “another group, worse then the last…just before we really find out all about them….season ending cliff hanger”. YAWN.

      • oxxo910 says:

        They used one to blow up the walkers in the battle for Alexandria. Daryl pumped the fuel into the lake and lit it with an RPG. How can you not remember that! :p
        They might not know exactly where Alexandria is (although with all those billboards I would imagine it wouldn’t be hard) but them finding the group last week means they are looking.

      • other Jeff says:

        DOHHHH!!!! Thats right.

        Did they take down or change the signs?
        I dont think Negan would know, if he did he would have taken it over long ago before Rick even got there, or even if he discovered it after they got there he would have ‘approached’ them and made them a similar offer (ha!) like he did with Hilltop.
        Dwight cant know of Alexandria either, probably also doesn’t know the base was attacked and wiped out. Whats her face, Paula, said “they killed all or people and destroyed our home”. Obviously Dwight wasn’t from that base but another, unless they had some regular check ins with other bases or Negans home base, he wouldn’t know, he also wouldn’t have a clue who did it.
        All Dwight would know is just that some guy he stole a bike from lived in some community they havent yet ran into.
        I think running into Eugene was coincidence, probably out scouting and just found him. Possible (probable) they made him tell them where he was from and that he was out scouting for supplies with some others (Daryl, Sasha and Denise).

        That said, another some what inconsistency/improbability. The Negan base they destroyed, Hilltop and Alexandria are all obviously close to one another. All send out scouts and now here at about 2-2.5 years after the SHTF they never crossed paths before?!?!?!?
        Alexandria has been sending out at least 3 teams before Rick got there, Aaron, Heath and Deanne’s idiot son that was killed (forgot his name). Hilltop has been sending out Jesus at least, and Negan, who obviously has a large community as well as satellite locations, tons of resources (gas, vehicles and people) probably sending out way more and for longer covering larger areas then the other two combined. Yet never crossed paths…hmmmmm.
        Then there are (whoops…”were” heh heh) the Wolves. With all these groups (and other groups we haven’t seen yet?) scouting/scavenging abandon buildings and towns, they never ran into one another or found the others communities except for the Negan satellite base and Hilltop.
        Jesus did hint that there were many other communities they traded with. How did they find all them (and one another probably) but Alexandria was isolated from all them?

      • oxxo910 says:

        I think it’s the problem of being a show/comic book and only being able to tell so many stories at once. Things are probably happening at the same time but since you only have so many pages/so many minutes a week, you have to stretch it out. But yeah, I think they would have found Alexandira sooner. Probably before the wolves did.
        I’m not sure about the signs, I know they were up as recent as when they were leading the walkers away from the quarry. In reality that has been probably 3-4 months, so they could have taken them down since then.
        I’ll figure it out next week when I rewatch this half of season 6 before the finale.

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