‘Cutler’ slam no longer valid

The other day there was an “unknown GM” talking about the two college prospects. When it came to discussing Jared Goff, he curiously brought up Jay Cutler’s name, and said take that as you will. The writer, Mark Eckel, said it was seemed to be viewed as negative. A quick look at Cutler’s stats, and I think you would take that and be happy.

If you drafted a QB, and he made a Pro Bowl in his first three years, I think you would feel like you made the right choice. After 10 years in the league, if that QB had 31,000 yards, 201 passing TDs, t0 141 interceptions, I think you would be pretty pleased.

The body language stuff is a product of a) his teams losing and b) unfair media scrutiny. Jay’s biggest problem is that he is such a fierce competitor, he often tries to do too much. Unfortunately, he is been on a lot of teams that were devoid of talent. He has taken a beating since joining the Bears in 2008. All but 51 of his 285 sacks have come since he has been in Chicago.

Jay Cutler still has a few chapters left in his NFL story. Time will tell if he will finish his career under the stigma he can’t seem to shake. At this stage in the game, I think most general managers would take his work as a whole. Sure they would like more wins, maybe a championship or two. There are 52 other men on any given football team though. The Bears haven’t always done their best to put the QB in the best chance to win.

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