Walking Dead Weekly

Sunday night’s episode, East, was a bit of a sucker punch. I will explain in a moment. First thing though,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Whisky Tango Foxtrot is up with everyone bolting to find Carol? It’s almost like a pissing contest to see who will be “the one” to find her. They all know better. Daryl is the tracker, if he wants to go a) no one can stop him and b) he is the best person to be able to find her. I’m not sure why Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita went out. Look at what happens when anyone goes out.

Fear the reaper: Carol has transcended herself. She is no longer mortal. She is the grim reaper, and you should fear her. This is what she has been telling us all along. The thing is, I can’t wait for her to shed her conscious and embrace the ass kicker she has so masterfully become. I’m half thinking she will be the one who takes down Negan. If that ever happens.

Omens: We saw a lot of hooking up and “lovey dovey” moments. You know what this means. At least one of these couples will be separated soon. Permanently. My fear is for Glenn and Maggie. I’m even going to call it will happen in a split scene (will flash between the two). This is what I was referring to by the “sucker punch” line. Kind of setting us up for a false sense of security, and then BAM! 4 people get taken captured.

When Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita take off after Daryl, Glenn looks back in the sideview mirror and sees Maggie. Keep this scene in mind.

Rick and Morgan: Not sure why Morgan was so determined to go after Carol. Maybe he feels he owes her for not telling Rick about the Wolves guy he had prisoner. However, he then tells Rick about it. So who knows?

Dwight again: No sooner does Glenn say “it’s going to go wrong” if you go after them, then it goes EXACTLY wrong. Dwight not only gets the drop on Glenn, but then he sneaks up on Daryl and Rosita. This is the same little fuck that stole Daryl’s bike and crossbow, and killed Denise. I can wait until someone kills him. I hope it’s slow and poetic.

Morgan’s failed logic: Morgan tells Rick about how he had a run in with the Wolf, let him live, and he came back and invaded Alexandria. He then broke out and took Denise hostage, but ended up saving her. Well, 1) he was bitten already 2) had Morgan killed him the first time, the Wolves never would have found them. All that blood is really on his hands. Denise would never have been put in danger. So, nice try Morgan. I love you but your logic is ass backwards.

Dude, where’s my horse? Morgan and Rick run into some dude looking for his horse. He ends up getting away. They mentioned something on Talking Dead about another group perhaps. If you read the comics you might know more. Feel special!

Maggie and Enid: They had a nice thing going with each other until the end of the show, when Maggie seems to be having some bad pains. It’s not looking good for the baby right now, and Glenn has been captured. I have a feeling next week’s 90 minute show is going to be filled with bad feelings.

Daryl is OK: OK? He will not die. For one, it’s too obvious. I don’t think he deserves to be shot for going off to find Carol. Or even to go find Dwight. I’ll give him a pass. The others? They kind of made their own bed.


Who will escape? They can’t keep getting caught and getting out of it unscathed. Something’s gotta give. We see at the end of the show, there will be a price to pay. We also hear, “I’m Negan”. My bet is Michonne and Daryl make it out. Glenn, I am 50/50 on. Rosita?

Will Carol come back next week? We have seen her save the day a couple times. She isn’t far. Does she have one more “save the day” in her?

What was the deal with the gun? Carl picked up a gun. I couldn’t tell what was on the handle, but on Talking Dead, they said it was a bat wrapped in barbed wire. I know what that symbolizes, (and I’m not telling) but I don’t know how that will tie in. Chances are it will, somehow.

Zombie kill of the week: Carol steals yet another non-zombie kill for the weekly title. Gunning down some Saviors, while impressive, wasn’t as badass as spearing one with a car spike. That was epic. Carol, ya did it again! If she ever leaves the show it’s going to be a serious downer.





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