Brawl of the week: You Must be This Tall to Brawl

This week’s Tavern Brawl might be the most challenging ever. Make a deck with any spells, but minions must cost 7 or more mana to play.

You must be this tall to brawl

Now there are several classes that can get away with shenanigans here. Classes that have spells to summon minions. You know who you are.

Hearthstone Screenshot 03-30-16 12.13.23

It took me about 5-6 brawls to get my win. Since you can pick any class to play, this will be good to get dailies done, however, due to it’s challenging nature, you might want to play elsewhere. It’s also one of those that will get nastier as people play them, so jump on in there and get your free pack!

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