Walking Dead Weekly: Who was it?

So, you just finished watching the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, and you are thinking, “Damn. How could they end it like this?”. Me too. Now we have 6 long months to agonize discuss who they could have killed off. There will be a mild spoiler in this post, so if that bugs you, stop reading HERE.


The last two episodes really annoyed me how so many core members just bolted to either look for someone or go with Rick to take Maggie to Hilltop. Carl had some sense. He locked the person he really cared about in a closet. Now, I can forgive people for wanting to help Maggie. Very understandable–and probably safer than roaming out to seek revenge or find Carol.

So, like, you really should stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled. This is your LAST warning!


In the comic, Glenn dies when they meet Negan. He even says the line, “You really take it like a champ”. See, the comic and the show differ on so many things. So this is why I consider this to be a mild spoiler. Plus with Maggie and the baby, there is that whole dynamic going on. We already had a Glenn scare earlier in season 6, so I’m not sure they would tease his death again.

My #1 pick is Abraham. Not that I want him to die at all. Far from it. A couple of weeks ago, when he left Rosita cold–maybe. I really feel like his story was pretty fleshed out in season 6. Complete with telling Sasha he was “Okay” with bringing a baby into the world. I actually thought he was going to be killed in the season 6 2nd half premiere when they met the bike gang.

#2 is Glenn. It makes sense. It would follow the comic. He already dodged one major bullet. He’s such a fan favorite though. One of the original 6. On the flipside, he’s one of the original 6. They made it sound like season 7 will be focused on this loss. It has to be huge, or it is another bunch of hot air.

#3 Rosita. She is the odd “man” out. Now that Abe left her for Sasha. Denise brought up that she is probably alone for the first time. She has Spencer, she has the Alexandrites. It doesn’t seem like she has skeletons in her closet or any morality things to work on. Her death wouldn’t hold the same water as others though.

#4 Sasha. She’s been with us for a while now. She almost feels like a core member. Her story has pretty much been told. It would be more heartbreaking now since she and Abe got together. This would have a little more weight that Rosita or a lesser character dying though.

#5 Daryl. Daryl is a wild card. He isn’t in the comic, so ultimately, we have no clue where his story goes. Probably the top 1-2 characters on the show that people would go apeshit over, if and when he leaves it. I would be devastated. I don’t think his story is finished. The way he was on Talking Dead though. It seemed like he was holding back. I don’t buy into the theory that he is leaving because he is doing a motorcycle show. Unless he is getting paid something like $10 million per episode and will retire from acting after. The Walking Dead cast is known to be a close knit family. You just don’t leave it because you got a part time job.

#6 Michonne. In the comic it’s Andrea who ends up hooking up with Rick. Yeah that Andrea. I’m so glad they went the route they did. Michonne is definitely one of the core members now. She did answer Deanna’s question: What do you want?. Other than Glenn, this would probably have the most impact on the remaining characters, especially Rick and Carl.

So that’s my dirty half dozen. What do you think? Will the show follow the comic, or will they kill off a different character? Feel free to weigh in with your theory in the comments below!

*edit- if you need more material to go by, here is the latest trailer for season 7. It appears to be the first 3 minutes of the show to be exact. It may contain spoilers, so be warned!

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11 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly: Who was it?

  1. roachant says:

    I wouldn’t mind if it was Glen and I think it will be him. Not because I don’t like him, but because I feel he hasn’t been getting a lot of attention this season and it might be because the writers knew he was gonna buy it. However, because of the comic, it will likely not be Glen because that’s too obvious. Hmm.. Contradicted myself there. Oh well. Great season finale!

    • oxxo910 says:

      No. I know exactly how you feel. I have known about Glenn’s death in the comic since episode 6.03. That’s when I read his character profile on Walking Dead Wikia. I tend to go there to check on characters from time to time. That was one of the reasons why I didn’t think Glenn would die at the time. However, since I read some of the other character profiles, I learned that the story doesn’t always parallel with the comic.
      It’s kind of like the scene in The Princess Bride with Vicini and Wesley. He knows that you know, that he knows you know. You know? Haha.
      Anyways, I can see a case for any of those 6, but Glenn’s death makes the most sense. It would have the biggest impact on the show from a character perspective. Glenn’s story is pretty much complete. Maggie is going to have a greater role going forward. She might not be able to have that if Glenn was still there.
      Thanks for the comment!

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  3. other Jeff says:

    I’m with roachant, I think Glenn would be too obvious.
    Although I still think he is up there in the probability.
    My number one guess is…..Eugene. He has changed a lot lately and became more endearing to the audience, that hug he gave Abe…touching. Kill him at this point and it ups the shock value.
    Abe is in the running too but I think the way he rose up when Negan was in front of him, ready to “take it like a man” would probably move him down the list for some one like Negan.
    I think the one they chose will be based from what the Negan character would pick for maximum impact on the group.
    I pretty much agree with all you said about Sasha, Michonne and Daryl being the ones to get it.

    Two people we know for sure 100% that it is NOT, is Carl and Rick based on what Negan said, “pluck the kids other eye out and make the father eat it”.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Glenn would be obvious, but that’s why making it be Glenn would surprise a lot of people. It almost has to be one of the original group to have the huge impact that was built up.
      At this point, I would actually rather have it be Glenn. Michonne, Daryl, Abe, and Eugene are way more interesting.
      Thanks for adding your thoughts!

  4. other Jeff says:

    I’m changing my picks, narrowed it down to Daryl, Michonne or Glenn with a possible nod to Abraham. One new clip they showed a few weeks ago when just afterwards Negan is wiggling the bloody bat in Ricks face he says “was that your right hand man…” or something like that. Him and Glenn were starting to seem sorta like equals the past season or two, same with Daryl, they are my top two picks, they are very good leaders on their own. Then Michonne my third pick after their recent shall we say “bonding” wink wink, she too was a good fighter/leader.

    • other Jeff says:

      Whoops, hit post too early……..
      While I think Rick respects Abe, I never really felt he was in Ricks inner most trusted circle, not enough to be considered his “right hand man”.

      • oxxo910 says:

        Nope, not really. The more I think about it though. They threw that 3 minute preview out to mess with people. I’m sticking with Glenn and Abe, but really there could be more. One of the things Negan says is “if there is any of you left” at the end. I’m going to edit the trailer into my post in case you or anyone else hasn’t caught it.

    • oxxo910 says:

      They was knocking boots! Only they didn’t have boots on so they was (in the worlds of Merle) “bumpin’ uglies”!
      Anyways. I am going with Glenn if they kill 1 and Abe if they kill 2. Someone pointed out (and I agree) that Abraham has no real story left. He was supposed to get killed by the dude who stole Daryls crossbow. If Daryl doesn’t get revenge on that guy. I will be super pissed.
      In that latest preview, it shows Rick with blood on his face. The streak is heavy to the right of his cheek narrowing to the middle of his face–Sooo, it means someone close to his right (camera left) got smacked. The two people closest to his right are Maggie and Abe (then Michonne).
      I’m not real sure it would make sense to kill off Michonne, (Andrea was Ricks woman at this state in the comic) but WOW that would have huge impact. Mayyybe even huger than Glenn. I’m not sure, but I don’t think (I don’t know) if Negan kills women.
      Now, the blood splatter, Daryl’s vest on the douchebag, and Daryls blanket (it’s laying in blood) could very possibly just be shit they are trolling us with. I seriously don’t think they would leave anything at all to possibly spoil things. I mean, I just doesn’t make sense as much as they are hardcore about keeping secrets.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Also, you did not comment on the season finale post for Fear The Walking Dead. I was really looking forward to your thoughts. I wrote like 1300 words on that. Go check it out.

  5. other Jeff says:

    Sorry, missed it some how. Sorta busy around here at times.

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