Walking Dead Weekly: Season 6 Finale

Last night we got the final installment for season 6, Last Day on Earth, and it really was for one character. However. They fucking clowned us left us hanging until next October. Before we get to the rest,

***** Spoiler Alert*****

It might have been the anticipation of meeting Negan, but I thought this was a particularly weak episode. Especially considering it was a 90 minute show. 90 minutes for that? The whole show was pretty much in the last 20 minutes or so. My first take is disappointment.
It’s a good thing I watch it a second time before I finish my post. It’s not as bad the 2nd time, after your expectations are removed. It was a pretty solid episode, but it was not as strong as it could have been.

Bro, take the car: Instead of following Carol and possibly bleed out. Kind of left over from last week, but I don’t see why the surviving Savior would wander slowly off to go after Carol, when he could have taken the car and made his way back.

Thinking straight: Carl is the only one thinking straight at this point in time. He locks the person he cares about most in a closet, then goes off to do his duty. Solid move. Enid might poke him in the good eye, but maybe not when she finds out one of them is dead. Carl definitely will be affected and hopefully get some revenge in season 7.

I’ll be your anchorman. Yes, I damn will: I said it before, they can not kill Eugene. Ever. He’s gotten some of the best lines in season 6. He nuts up again, and I thought it was curtains for him. I see a lot of potential for this guy and hope it comes out next season.

Charles Gabriel in charge: Never thought I would see it, but Rick left him in charge of Alexandria’s defense. You would think it might be Spencer or Tobin. Nope. I kind of like this new holy warrior idea. Let’s see how he holds up under pressure.

Shots fired: Morgan saved Carol, and had to a) fire the gun Rick gave him, and b) kill someone to do it. This will be huge going forward. Hopefully, it doesn’t suck him down into the same kind of moral conflict it has taken Carol down.

Thy Kingdom cometh: Almost lost in this episode is the fact that Morgan runs into the guy who was looking for his horse, and he seems to be a nice dude. Now, this is The Walking Dead, so we maybe should take that with a grain of salt. All things considered, I will be pretty happy about it–until proven otherwise. Morgan making allies can be huge for season 7.

On the plus side: On the plus side, only one of our beloved group will die. I was thinking at least 2 would die, and possibly more.

Questions: Very disappointing to see we didn’t get to find out what was happening with Maggie. It was also mentioned we would “find out what Daryl’s fate would be”. Sure we know he is alive (for the moment) but we don’t know if he will be alive next season.

Who was it? Biggest question of the night. So big, it’s got it’s own post. Check out my thoughts if you haven’t already.

Will Maggie’s baby live? This is a question that popped up last week, and went unanswered in the season finale. Booooo!

How did the Saviors know where Rick and the group would go? Seems like they had them pegged from the start. Each roadblock had more and more Saviors. Was it luck? How did they know that they would eventually walk right into the middle of their camp? Seems a little too perfect.

Where is Jesus? Not that Jesus–zombie apocalypse Jesus. We haven’t seen him in a while. Was he working with the Saviors telling them which way the group would go?

Why didn’t Rick kill the first group they ran into? It was a small group. Rick doesn’t take chances anymore. Was very out of character for him. Bad or lazy writing? Perhaps.

Why did Morgan cut the walker down? I guess it was making noise, but I don’t think the other walkers were going to go anywhere, what with that nice horse on the other side of the fence. Again. Seemed like bad/lazy writing. I don’t want to get overly critical, but they are usually so brilliant, these little things are annoying.

Zombie kill of the week: Carl takes a walkers head off, which was pretty nice. However, Morgan firing 6 shots into a living person is an exclimation point. So, I’m going with that. Plus, it was to save Carol, and that’s pretty great too.

Thankfully Fear The Walking Dead starts next week, so I get to write about that for a while. We will forget all about what’s his name and who did or didn’t die. See you then!

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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly: Season 6 Finale

  1. other Jeff says:

    First, some stuff doesn’t make sense. Rick and Morgan take off after Carol BEFORE the savior comes out from the woods to follow her. He was badly wounded and they were not. He would have had to wait until Rick and Morgan were well out of site so they wouldn’t see him, so that puts him father behind. He would have had to have seen Rick before Rick saw him when Rick was returning to the car. How the hell did he catch up to her way before Morgan?!?!?!?!?

    It’s about time Morgan dropped a scumbag live human!!! Yea! To me, best part of this episode.
    The horsemen…obviously they ARE NOT Saviors. But don’t know if they are Hilltops or a new (to us) group. I’m sorta leaning to new group. They did have Hilltop spears but as we know from things Jesus said, there are more groups out their they trade with. I’ll bet a new allies either way.

    Maggies baby. One possibility no one has brought up, it died in the womb and is now a walker (crawler???) and trying to eat it’s way out of Maggie? She’s not dead because she was only a few months along and the fetus wouldn’t have teeth or really a working mouth yet, no hands or real strength to be able to do any damage other then irritate her.

    Wheres Jesus?…, he went back to Hilltop with Tara, broken hand dude and the guy they went to rescue.

    Why didn’t Rick kill that first group? Couple things, Rick probably thought they got all the saviors except these few or at the least really decimated their numbers enough they were not an immediate threat and thet a shoot out now wouldn’t be the best fr Maggie.
    Also, so Rick could act all sure and confident like he was in control and wipe out any threat when ever HE decided to. My first thought when they were facing down that first group was, “awww right, bad ass mo fos, dont fuck with them or else…dats right, you savior turds are in a world of shit” but then as they drove off the comments by the savior started sinking in and I knew exactly what was going to happen, the next road block sealed it for me.
    Note how strong he was there then compared to how he was at the ‘reception camp’.

    Now were getting to the parts that piss me off and turning me away from the show…..
    The Saviors whistling thing and the really psychotic Negan. Really…what are the whole group psychically linked and controlled by Negan? Seriously it’s getting ridiculous. Every season they try more and more to come up with even more sinister and scary bad people. First the Governor, actually thats a believable character, he treated his people well, they basically lived normally and to them he seemed like a nice guy. The cops at the hospital, not evil/scary, just a bit misguided, again believable. The claimers, believable. Plenty of gangs of “highway robbers” would be out there. Terminus, sorry, I just couldn’t buy into them either, I mean really, theywere good people until others attacked, enslaved and raped them. They eventually overpower the captors and turn into some head case murdering cannibals? Seriously! At least that didn’t take up to many episodes and more realistic encounters soon after. Until the Wolves…again, all crazy bunch of marauders seemingly of one single type of people/one mind. I wasn’t buying into them but again at least they were a small nuisance group and it didn’t seem like they were trying to turn the show into a psychological type thriller.

    Now this Negan turd and the Saviors…way over the top, whats the next evil monster group……. they gonna fly or have super human strength…or maybe a hybrid between walkers and humans?!?!?!?!?!
    All the whistling, seriously?!?!, At every road the Alexandrians were taking and each successive road block had more men and bigger obstacles. Seriously? Then there was all the things each group of roadblock saviors were saying to the Alexandrians. Seriously!?!?! And then knowing exactly where the Alexandrians were going when they were on foot and exactly where to set up the little reception camp site. Seriously?!?!
    Why are they taking a perfectly good plot, a realistic setting (OK aside from the fact that zombies like this could never ever happen no matter the virus or drugs that could ever be invented) with pretty much (again other then the short spat with Turnimus and Wolves) all encounters are realistic.
    My enthusiasm for this show has plummeted with this episode. I am getting the same feeling I had with the last season of LOST.

    Yeah, I’ll record it when the new season starts to see whats going on, but I wont rearrange any plans on Sunday nights any more to watch it. Then if it keeps going down this route I’m done.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Well that sucks that it has almost turned you off of the show. You bring up some really good points. I was equally annoyed with how Rick let the first group go then the groups got bigger and bigger. Also, as I stated and you agreed–the Saviors knowing exactly where they would walk was kind of an eyeroll moment.
      I can see why they did all of it, so that we would get a feel for a) how big of a “mistake” Rick made by killing the one group and b) how huge the Saviors actually are.
      As far as the Savior catching up to Carol “first”. I think he was looking the whole time, but only found Carol when she ran away. So, Morgan found her first. However, he probably should have bled out before he caught up to her. That’s something small I can overlook because the end result was Morgan taking him out permanently.
      The thing you bring up with Maggie’s baby is interesting. Unfortunately, I think it’s one of those cheap things they might do to build up suspense. I suspect her baby will be fine. Especially if Glenn ends up to be the one who Negan kills.
      As far as the bad guys getting worse and worse, that’s happening in the comics too, so if you want to blame anyone, you should blame that.
      Thanks for the great comment!

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