Brawl of the week: Too Many Portals (again)

We have had this week’s brawl at least 2 times. It’s a classic. If you have never played it, it goes down like this: Pick your class and get a premade deck full of portals and a few random spells.

Too many portals

Portals, portals. Everywhere!

You pick the mage if you really want to win (or if you have a mage daily). The cool thing is, the portal can give you any card in the game. If you don’t have a lot of cards, it gives you a chance to play with those cards. The downside is, your opponent is getting some crazy cards too! This can lead to some onesided matches. The fact that you can be any class though, is a perk to getting dailies done at the same time.

Mage FTW

Mage FTW.

My opponent probably has played a few of these matches, because they quit before I could even summon a legendary. Worked for me, because I just wanted to play one match and write my post. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!



So go on and get in there. Get you a free pack. Have fun with the portals!

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