Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead returned to our TV screens last night, as season 2 kicked off with, Monster. We got to see Abigail up close and watch lots of pretty ocean scenes. Before we dive deeper,

***** Spoiler Alert*****

Despite some minor peeves, I thought it was a solid premiere. It left me wanting more, which is always a good thing.

Little peeves: Why don’t they have weapons? We see the group on the beach using…rocks to take out walkers. I’m pretty sure they had some weapons when they left the military base. Hell, even a steak knife would be better than rocks. I get that they would want to save ammo, but come on. Strand’s place seems like he would have knives at the very least.

The walker wading through the surf really bothered me. I mean, I seem to remember them being stopped by a slightly moving creek. I’m thinking they would be easily knocked off balance. Then again, what do I know? That’s it, just two little peeves.

Tony Stark’s yacht: Aka: Abigail. What a beautiful ship. I’d like the think they would be on it for a season but I get the feeling it won’t be long at all. More on that later.

I love Strand: I think he would fit in with the original group from The Walking Dead. He reminds me of Shane but smarter, and less emotional. I hope he is a character we get to find more about what he did to gain so much money.

Burial at sea: I originally wrote this down in my notebook, before it happened in the show. It kind of should have been done a lot sooner. Decomp and all that. I’m actually surprised Strand let the corpse on board. The man has boat rules.

#BoatRules: It’s 1. It’s Strand’s boat. 2. It’s Strand’s boat. 3. It’s Strand’s G- D- boat. I loved it. I think Strand might be Chaotic Good. Too early to tell maybe.

Nick needs some new clothes: Seriously. I can’t take much more of the “old man” jacket. Strand didn’t have an extra shirt or something? Jogging suit? No? Anything?

Chris is a time bomb: I also wrote this down in my notebook–moments before he decided to go for a swim. I thought it was neat how Nick was the first to go out, and jumped in after him. Didn’t even take the “old man” jacket off. #Hero? I get the feeling we are seeing early signs of his transformation into a “Daryl like” character. Well, minus the fact that he probably can’t hunt or track.

While FTWD takes place 3 months prior to Rick waking up in The Walking Dead, it seems the world is quick to deteriorate to “mob rules”, as Strand mentions. Then we see it in the boat that was shot up. In that respect, it seems FTWD is a little more advanced.

Questions: I might have asked this last season–Who do you think is the main character? We see Nick first in the premiere, however Nick is the son of Madison. It kind of seems like her or Travis could be the main. I think Nick and Daniel’s characters have been the most fleshed out so far. Then there is Strand. Mysterious. Some would say shady. To me, he is the most interesting.

Who will hook up first? Not counting Maddy and Travis as they are a couple. I’m thinking Nick and Ofelia hook up. He was kind of hitting on her and even got her to laugh when giving her advice on her bandage/pain management.

Who is Jack? Near the end of the show, Alicia’s radio buddy, Jack tells her that it’s OK they can’t come to rescue them and that “I’ll see you soon”. I thought that was pretty scary. Then Strand gets some “radar beeps” on his instrument panels. Seems like Jack is a big fat liar, that’s who Jack is. He could be FTWD’s first bad guy.

Will they be forced off the boat permanently? In the previews for next week, we see the group seems to be on land. Abigail would make a sweet prize/target for pirates, and it seems like someone was headed their way. If they do lose their ship, will they stay in California? Or will they go somewhere else?



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