Bears trade Bennett caps strong off season

The Bears traded highly productive and colorful tight end Marty Bennett last month to the New England Patriots. It’s a move that has been speculated in the media, which makes it that much better.

Bennett is a dynamic player with the ball in his hands, but can be a handful to deal with when the spotlight isn’t on him. I can see why he has been with 4 teams now in a 5 year span. This is part addition by subtraction, and also a good deal for both teams. The patriots are getting a solid player on gameday, who will no doubt reap the benefits of Tom Brady.

On the flip side, the Bears get, and about $5 million in cap space for 2016. They also get rid of a player who’s stats really fall off the table after game 8. In the last 3 seasons, Bennett has had a grand total of 3 TDs in the back half of those seasons, combined. Not all his fault, but that’s not really a key player going forward. Certainly not one who asks for more money 2 years into a 4 year contract.

There is still some work to go, but as they get closer to the draft, the Bears have filled in the gaps nicely. The linebacking corps is solid, added another player to the defensive line. They boosted the offensive line, which might kick Kyle long back inside to guard, which in turn should help the center as well. The Bears also re-signed some key free agents, including: Terry Porter and Zach Miller.

This really frees them up to take the “best player available” as teams like to claim. What that pick will be remains to be seen. Tune in on April 28th to find out!

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