Brawl of the week: The Great Stone of Challenge

This week we get a new Tavern Brawl: The Great Stone of Challenge: Build a deck around “even cost spells” and minions with odd attack. This means no mage paladin and mage secrets*. You can go through your cards and see which other ones it eliminates.

The Great Stone of Challenge

The Great Stone of Challenge!

They do you a favor by not even making the cards you can’t use available when you are creating your deck.

Example a

Only “even cost” spells are available…

My limited collection is even further limited as “even attack” minions, and “odd cost” spells are off limits. Which, for a mage isn’t all bad. I still have plenty to choose from.

example b

and only minions with an “odd attack”.

Despite said limitations, I was able to make a decent deck. Once people figure out what works and doesn’t work, I expect things to get a little tougher.

So get in there and get your free pack. I will see you next week!

*You can get these cards from minions or spells that produce/steal spells.


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