Rams shake up NFL Draft with move up to #1

The Rams injected a lot of suspense into the 2016 draft when they announced a trade with the Tennessee Titans on Thursday morning. Not so much for which QB they will take, but the chain reaction it will cause the following picks. Especially in the top 10.

Draft gurus and armchair mock draft enthusiasts (like me) were thrown into a frenzy when the word broke. I have been slacking this year and have only done a 1-16 mock. I now have to rework my entire top 10. I could take the easy way out and simply put everyone down a notch. That’s not really what my mock is about. I try to do it from a “Fantasy” perspective and in that aspect, I place players where I think they would make the Fantasy season more enjoyable. Sometimes it’s hard to stick to that, but that is my goal.

In light of all this, here is what I think the top 10 could now look like:

1. Rams- Carson Wentz, QB- NDSU: Obviously they moved up to grab one of the two top QB prospects. Goff is more ready to play vs Wentz’ upside. Flip a coin as to which one it will be. I say Wentz is slightly more likely. 51-49%.

2. Browns- Laremy Tunsil, OT- Mississippi: I originally had them taking Bosa, but with Laremy Tunsil falling into their lap, they have a huge decision to make. Either way, I feel like they will add a lineman and take a QB in round 2 or 3.

3. Chargers- Jalen Ramsey, DB- Florida St.: They would love for Tunsil to slip down, but I don’t think he will. Ramsey fills a need and is probably the best player available.

4. Cowboys- Ezekiel Elliott, RB- Ohio St.: Even though I had the Browns taking Bosa at #2, I don’t see Dallas going that route. Elliott is just too talented and would be too fun to see behind their monster offensive line. Talk about playing “keep away”, this guy would do it.

5. Jaguars- Miles Jack, LB- UCLA: Miles Jack or Joey Bosa? Probably Jack. This will be a tough pick. Both prospects are very talented.

6. Ravens- Joey Bosa, DE- Ohio St.: They reap the benefit of Tennessee moving down: perhaps the best pass rusher drops into their lap. They could still take Buckner if they value him more. Either way, the Ravens get a lot tougher on defense.

7. 49ers- Jared Goff, QB- California: 49ers need playmakers at pretty much every position. If they took another position, it would not totally shock me. From a Fantasy perspective, they will probably not be relevant for another year or two at least.

8. Eagles- Ronnie Stanley, OL- Notre Dame: The Eagles got screwed with the Rams moving up more than any other team. They were probably targeting one of the top QBs or even Elliott falling to #8. They could move up to #6, or back down. I can’t imagine they are happy right now. If they stay put, I would imagine they would take an offensive or defensive lineman. Could easily take Buckner.

9. Buccaneers- DeForest Buckner, DL- Oregon: He should have went earlier, but with a QB being taken #1, many players fall down a notch or two.

10. Giants- Shaq Lawson, DE- Clemson: Giants still get their pick of remaining pass rushers. Whether it be Lawson, Dodd, Floyd, or someone else. I fully expect the Giants to add a playmaker at the DE position. Selfishly, I would like them to add another OL, but their defense was the bigger problem in 2015.

The rest of the draft is probably “business as usual”. We have already had 2 top 10 trades before the draft. It will be interesting to see what other moves can, and will be made on or before draft day. Should be fun!

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