Fantasy Impact: 2016 NFL Mock Draft (1-16 Updated!)

If you follow me you know, I do my mock draft from the fantasy perspective. This is where I would like the players to go, not where I think they will go. It’s less guessing and more hoping. It fits my style more. So, grab your favorite beverage and let’s roll!

Updated to reflect Rams moving up to #1

1. Rams- (from Titans) Carson Wentz, QB- NDSU: On Thursday April 14th, it was announced that the LA Rams traded up with the Titans. They gave a tremendous amount of picks to move up. Obviously it is for one of the top QBs coming out this year. Flip a coin whether it will be Goff or Wentz. I think it will be Wentz, who is less ready to start, but is largely believed to have more “upside”. Kudos to the Rams for making a bold move in their new location.

2. Browns- Joey Bosa, DE- Ohio State: Cleveland, my heart breaks for you. I cannot believe we are going down this road again. Even asking if they should take another QB makes me want to throw up a little in my mouth. Because of this, I am taking the best defensive player. I can’t subject you to another (potential) first round bust at QB. I just. Can’t. *Update- since the Rams moved up to #1 this makes taking a QB even less probable. The choice is now between Bosa and the #1 OT in the draft–Tunsil. I can even see someone trading up to #2 to secure themselves a top QB in the draft.

3. Chargers- Laremy Tunsil, OT- Mississippi: I feel weird typing it. It is the logical move for San Diego. Still, a very good case could be made for Jalen Ramsey.

4. Cowboys-Ezekiel Elliott, RB- Ohio State: There are lots of RBs in this draft, but only one like Elliott. Put Elliott behind one of the best lines in the NFL and watch him run for 2,000 yards. If Jalen Ramsey falls to #4, that could give the Cowboys a real tough decision. Ramsey should be a game-changer on defense. I’m sticking with Elliott, because that’s what I would love to see them do, and this is that type of draft!

5. Jaguars-Myles Jack, LB- UCLA: I am going to be honest here. This is  one the few picks I can’t get a feel for. They spent a whole lot of money, including $32 million on RB Chris Ivory. They might be in a position to trade down if the right offer came their way. Otherwise, Jack makes sense. Probably the #1 linebacker before his injury.

6. Ravens- Jalen Ramsey, DB- Florida State: I don’t really think Ramsey falls all the way to #6, but I think I know Ozzie Newsome would pounce on this player like a goalie in the NHL Playoffs! They have needed DB help even before Reed retired. The Ravens will be in the best position to snag a falling player, or even trade down in the Titans/Rams aftermath. If Ramsey is here, I’m guessing that would just up their asking price.

7. 49ers- Jared Goff, QB- California: I have this here for now. I think a team who really covets a QB might move up to #6 or even further to secure one. The 9ers need playmakers at many positions, so I could see them taking Goff or a few other players.

8. Eagles- Deforest Buckner, DT- Oregon:  This is probably not the player they thought they would get when they made the move up to 8. Still, Buckner is one of the top pass rushers in the draft, and would have fallen as a result of the Titans/Rams trade. They could still move up for Goff if he was indeed their target.

9. Buccaneers- Ronnie Stanley, OT: Notre Dame- Their line got a little better, but they could use another stud to protect Winston, and run the ball.

10. Giants- Shaq Lawson- Giants love taking pass rushers, early and often. They will take whoever they see as the best available. They would probably love to get Ezekiel Elliott, but I do not see him falling this far.

11. Bears- Reggie Ragland, LB- Alabama: Not touted as a highly athletic player, but I have a sneaking feeling they want to solidify the LB corps. They got a couple solid players in free agency, but this would give them that extra something. A fierce front 7. I could see them taking a dynamic pass rusher if they feel one is on the board. Another option is to trade down with someone who wants to take a WR ahead of the Saints. The Titans also might want to trade back up and take an OL.

12. Saints- Laquon Treadwell, WR- Ole Miss:  The only snag could be if the Eagles pick a WR. I think they moved up from 13 for a very good reason though.

13. Miami- Vernon Hargreaves, CB- Florida: They traded down with the Eagles. This could mean they are taking a player they feel would have been “too high” at #8. Could be Noah Spence. Pair him up with Wake on the other side and that could be a tough combo. Still have Suh on the inside. Look out NFC East.

14. Raiders- Noah Spence, OLB/DE- Eastern Kentucky: Spence could really go anywhere from 10-15. I could see Miami adding a young pass rusher to their already tough D-line.

15.  Titans- Jack Conklin, OT- Michigan State: The titans will have a lot of options here. Take the best player available, trade down, or trade back up.

16. Lions- Leonard Floyd, DE- Georgia: The Lions seem to be another team that gets screwed by the Titans trade. They were probably in-line to take Conklin. Not sure there will be a WR that fits the pick. They could take Corey Colemen, who is dynamic but is very similar to Golden Tate.

I think there is still at least 1 more trade in the top 10. Maybe it will come on Draft day. Maybe the night before.

Stay tuned for picks 17-31!

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