Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

Last night we got the second installment from season 2, We All Fall Down. It was a letdown in drama from how the season premiere ended, which brings me to a peeve. Before I get to that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Peeves: The way last week’s episode ended it made it look like a ship was fast approaching. starts off with them casually finding a cove then being able to spend a nice night with a survivalist family. It’s a minor peeve, and I know The Walking Dead does it sometimes too. We’re all watching the entire season, OK. No use for shenanigans and cheap parlor tricks, K?

If found this episode to be a little anti-climatic because how last week’s show ended. I get them stopping to let the big boat pass. It was nice to see them interact with some living people. There was actually a lot of information being passed on both sides.

Job interview? Yes! Madison mentions Melissa questioning her like a job interview, that’s exactly what it was. If you go back and watch the scene again, you will see it focus on Madison’s comfort with watching little kids. Melissa’s kids. It’s worth a re-watch for that scene alone.

Daniel the cruel: Even after watching Talking Dead, I have mixed feelings on Ofelia and Daniel’s conversation in which she tells him she understands him now. The way the world is, it’s like Daniel. It’s cruel. I cringed both times I watched the scene. She doesn’t understand sh-t. Yes, the world is cruel, but someone who loves you very dearly is willing to put life and soul at risk to protect you. Daniel blank-faced the conversation, I think because he knows his daughter is still clueless.

Power pills: More foreshadowing. Apparently Power Ranger George told his kids to take these pills, “and our family stays together”. False. They die. Then they turn. Sadly. Zombie life is no different. There are no guarantees.

Natural born zombie killer: Chris is a natural, as he demonstrates his prowess with a pick-axe. Good form. Yeah, there was a fence there, but still. He is showing some cojones. Something Travis seemed to misplace. Chris is still a time-bomb though. Don’t forget this.

Latin Beatbox: I love Reuben Blades more and more with each episode, Daniel too. Seeing him tap on his stomach to make musical sounds was pure awesome. It was neat to see that kind of fun/entertaining moment for his “specter of death” serious persona. Of course, he then goes to search the cabin after Strand leaves. Although, he doesn’t hide his capabilities, he is reminding me more of Carol at this point. I just hope Madison and Travis appreciate what he’s done for the group so far.

There was a very interesting dynamic going on as Seth came to take his brother back. Eventually ran into his mom who had reanimated after Willa killed her. Ofelia asked Daniel if he was going to do anything? He said, “He has a rifle,” simply. Later on when Seth fires, we see Daniel with a saddened look on his face. During that time Alicia tells Chris not to watch this unfold.

Questions: Who is Daniel sad for? Seth? The brother? The mother? Ofelia? Everyone? It may be just my perception, but I think the writers like writing for Daniel the best. It seems like it anyway.

If the boat was bigger and faster a) it couldn’t come that close to shore (which is how they avoided it) and b) wouldn’t it have smaller boats for patrols? Also, if it’s a military boat, wouldn’t it have other ways to look for survivors?

Was nick looking for drugs as an addict or as a helpful member of the group? He has shown some heroic qualities in the last two episodes. He is also great with kids. I would hate for him to have to slip back into a junkie.

Who is “Rick”? I keep asking this question. I am trying to pin down who is the “Rick” of Fear The Walking Dead. Not necessarily the protagonist, but the leader and main voice of the group. I guess Rick didn’t take over as the leader until later on in the series. I keep going back and forth between Maddy and Travis. They both show “Rick-like” qualities.

Strand’s phone call: The intrigue intensifies as Strand tells the person on the other side that they are “clear” and ready to move out. Who is this mysterious party? Are they friend or foe? Government? Military? Mercenary?

Is George FTWD Morgan? There are a lot of similarities there. They shared refuge in his home. His wife turns and he couldn’t kill her. One of his kids turns. Will we see George again? Did he die? We know he couldn’t put his wife down. Did he take a power pill? Not sure why this wasn’t brought up on Talking Dead. I hope we see George and his two remaining kids again. Even if it’s not until season 4.

Zombie kill of the week: Goes to Chris. Yeah, the walkers were behind the fence, but his form was good. He didn’t hesitate. He’s got some real potential.

I have a feeling next week will be very, very exciting. We get to find out the long awaited fate of the Flight #462 crew, including our beloved Charlie! Very pumped. Catch you next week!



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