Brawl of the week: Idols of Azeroth

This week we get another new brawl: Idols of Azeroth- Your deck is filled with Raven Idols, which turns the brawl into a kind of hybrid arena match. Which is cool.

Idols of Azeroth

Started out using a hunter and was quickly outgunned by a mage. So on my next brawl, I gave in and went mage.

Pick a hero

Choose wisely.

The matches can take a little time to play out as each Raven Idol has 3 cards to choose from.

Hey look it's Khadgar!

Hey look, it’s Khadgar!

My next opponent was very clever and had a Mech thing going on early. Until I flamed all his minions. Smells like…victory!



So get in there and have a blast! Do some dailies or just get your free pack and get out. See you next week!


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