Fantasy Impact: 2016 NFL Mock Draft (17-31)

Probably not a better song to represent the NFL draft. 31 teams are trying to ‘get lucky’ in the first round. To select that one player that will make a difference for their team in 2016, or the near future. Will your team get lucky?

17. Falcons- Taylor Decker, OT- Ohio State: Their defense could use some work, but so could their O-line. Even though they signed Mohamed Sanu they could probably use a speedy wideout.

18. Colts- Derrick Henry, RB- Alabama: The Colts should probably take an offensive lineman, or maybe another speedy WR. They had real problems running the ball last year. Time to spend a high pick on a capable back.

19. Bills- Kevin Dodd, DE- Clemson: Rex Ryan was not happy with the D-line last year, underscored by cutting Mario Williams.

20. Jets- William Jackson III, CB- Houston: Paxton Lynch is a wildcard. Depending on what they do with Fitzpatrick, could determine this pick.

21. Redskins- Andrew Billings, DT- Baylor: One of the better D-lineman. I strongly dislike the Redskins, so I hope they pick someone else. However, I’d rather them take Billings than have him fall to the Packers, so good job!

22. Texans- Corey Coleman, WR- Baylor: Keep him in the state and pick Minnesota’s pocket. I like both of those ideas.

23. Minnesota- Josh Doctson, WR- TCU: I actually hope they don’t make this pick as I am not a fan of the purple and gold. Sorry Prince.

24. Bengals- Will Fuller, WR- Notre Dame: Not sure 4 WR will go in the first round, but there are certainly teams that need them. Bengals lost 2 of their 3 top WRs so this makes sense. I could see them trading up if they covet a particular player.

25. Steelers- Vonn Bell, S- Ohio State: I like the Steelers restocking their defense. Whether it be a safety or CB.

26. Seahawks- Ryan Kelly, C- Alabama:  Seattle’s line was shaky at times last year. Russell Wilson was scrambling too much last year.

27. Packers- Jarran Reed, DT- Alabama: They probably could go DE/Edge rusher. Julius Peppers isn’t going to play forever. BJ Raji has retired. I say they go D-line early and often.

28. Chiefs- Michael Thomas, WR- Ohio State: Thomas is a sneaky WR pick. I think he got underused at Ohio State. Andy Reid is not known for drafting WRs in the first couple rounds, but they really could use a boost on offense. Would not be surprised for them to go RB as Jamal Charles is coming off another major injury.

29. Cardinals- Paxton Lynch, QB- Memphis: The Cardinals have needed to get a successor to Carson Palmer for a couple years now. I could see someone moving up (or down) to make sure this doesn’t happen.

30. Panthers- Eli Apple, CB- Ohio State: Not sure Apple will be here, but if he is the Panthers will do a happy dance. I would not be surprised if they drafted another CB in the later rounds as well.

31. Denver- Emmanuel Ogbah, DE- Oklahoma State: Denver lost a few players in free agency, so they could use many positions. DE/pass rusher is probably their most glaring need having lost Malik Jackson. They won the Super Bowl with their nasty pass rush. QB is a pressing need as well.

Picks 1-16

*New England forfeited their pick because they like to get caught cheating.

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