‘Sorry’ emote replaced with ‘Wow’ in latest Hearthstone patch 5.0

We got a new patch today for Hearthstone and among it’s new features is the replacement of ‘Sorry’ with ‘Wow’. It’s pretty cool actually, and is different on each hero.

I didn’t have a problem with ‘Sorry’, as I squelch ALL emotes as soon as the match starts. I would love to leave them on for some friendly banter, but as I have learned, there are always those few who ruin it for everyone else. I would have much rather preferred an “auto-squelch” feature. Sometimes I forget and get really annoyed when a player spouts off at the end when the match is one-sided or they have you for a lethal. Yeah, yeah. Good game!

I went through all the heroes (basic ones) so you can see their new emotes. Enjoy!

Druid Wow

Druid Wow!


Hunter Wow

Hunter Wow!


Mage Wow

Mage Wow!

Amazing. Very sarcastic, Jaina.


Pally Wow!

By the Holy Light!

Priest Wow

Priest Wow.

Wow…OK, it’s not as imaginative as the others, but the way Anduin says it, it’s pretty funny/sarcastic.

Rogue Wow

Incredible. So close to inconceivable!


Shamwow! I had to!

That’s incredible! Yeah. They should have used inconceivable for the rogue.

Warrior Wow

Warrior Wow.


Warlock Wow

Warlock Wow.



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4 Responses to ‘Sorry’ emote replaced with ‘Wow’ in latest Hearthstone patch 5.0

  1. Dobablo says:

    I am tempted to buy Magni just for his new emote.
    “By my beard!”

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