Jake Arrieta definitely came from somewhere

Having heard Stephen A Smith’s take on Jake Arrieta and pretty much accusing him of using performance enhancing drugs, I felt I need to respond to that. My biggest issue was his claim that Jake, “came from out of nowhere”.

Jake Arrieta was acquired from Baltimore having been misused, and perhaps not being the most mature player at times. From the moment he took the mound in Chicago, it was obvious he was one of the best pitchers on the staff. I even wrote about it. Now, I don’t know Arrieta, and I have no idea what supplements he is using, but if you are going to levy pointed questions and not so veiled accusations, you should at the bare minimum do a little homework. Find out what his workout regimen is. Find out what kind of nutrition program he is on. Certainly give him a phone call if you can’t be bothered to visit him face to face and find out what kind of man he is.

This is what really bothers me in today’s society. We are too quick to go for a headline, and even quicker to read the headline without any attempt to gather the facts. I am very disappointed in Mr. Stephen A. Smith. I am a fan of his, and have a lot of respect for him. I think he is usually on point with his opinions. However, he has been off the mark a few times too.

Time will tell if he is right or wrong on the Arrieta topic. The way he went about it was bush league, and bordering on cowardly. Maybe he will meet with Jake for a sitdown.

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