Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

I missed last week’s installment of this lovely post, but I am making up with a double dose this week! We have a lot to talk about, but before I get to that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Ouroboros starts out with some survivors on a raft. One you might recognize as Charlie from Flight #462. Somehow she now goes by the name of Alex. Don’t ask me why. If I had to guess, maybe she has a twin? No? Probably not. Maybe she is trying to hide her identity? Probably not that either. Maybe we will find out. Maybe we won’t. The action gets going pretty quick as they pull a man out of the water, only to find out he was bitten, and one of the survivors quickly hits him in the head, knocking him off the boat. They are way ahead of Rick’s group from Atlanta at this point–and they are months ahead of that timeline.

*****New Character, Alex*****

Ode to Jaws? We find out there is something wrong with Abigail. She doesn’t seem to want to move anymore. Travis decides to dive down in the middle of the night and check it out. It reminded me a little of Jaws, when Hooper sees a wrecked boat and dives to take a look. OK, maybe not. There is another Homage in the next scene. Think Pulp Fiction. I’ll leave it at that. The walker that was stuck in the ship’s intake thing was one of the survivors from Alex’s boat. It does set up how close they are to each other.

Plane crash party: Alicia sees the wreckage from a plane crash (flight #462) and tells Madison they should do a run to see what they can get. It seems a little risky, but Daniel agrees to accompany her, Chris, and Nick.

Baja: Daniel tells Madison about Baja and she goes to confront Strand about it. I’m not sure why everyone is freaking out about it. If Strand has a boat, wouldn’t you think he had some kind of plan in mind? The fact that he doesn’t want to tell anyone about it is keeping himself safe. He is outnumbered on this ocean voyage.

Coming of age 2: Chris shows more maturity as he “mercy kills” a dying survivor. The beach crew get into a nice skirmish with some infected who reanimated after the crash. All that walking in the desert made them hungry! The group meets up with Alex and they fend off the walkers. Nick emerges from the “pit of death” covered in zombie blood. He quickly realizes that it camouflages his status as a living being. I am no longer worried about Alicia, at least with walkers.

Underestimating: I think Strand and Maddie are underestimating each other. After their conversation, Strand says she is no killer. Oh, we know she is. Besides, she has kids, which we know, she would do anything to protect. Strand definitely has stuff up his sleeves. We see that later on.

This is your captain speaking: Nick gets a nice Captain’s shirt, but then proceeds to throw walker blood all on it. Too bad, it was a nice look for him.

No, I won’t back down: Strand backs down from Maddie and the group as they take on Alex and her half dead companion. Travis points out that they can tow them, which seems reasonable. We actually see a little humanity from Strand. Until he comes back a few minutes later and cuts them lose. Not sure what that was all about. I do have a theory.

Questions: Will we see Alex again? I’m thinking we do. I’m hoping she does something Carol-esque and earns her way into the group. It would be really mean to tease her being on Fear The Walking Dead, introduce her, then coldly cut her out. I’ll reiterate something Scott Gimple once said, “If you don’t see them die on screen, they are not dead”. Something to that effect.

Strand’s plan: Is he just a control freak or is there a reason he doesn’t want to help anyone at all. I can see why he wouldn’t want large groups of people. They could easily overpower them, and take his ship. They also are short on supplies. Towing a young lady and a half dead dude in a raft though? Not exactly a threat. So what is up? My theory is that Strand’s safe house might only include room for him and maybe a +1. Nick is his +1, and Strand is fully aware Madison will not leave him. That would make sense why he wants to keep numbers down, and also why he doesn’t reveal much.

Zombie kill of the week: There were lots of them. Nothing really spectacular. I was more impressed with Chris’ mercy killing in the airplane so, I’ll go with that.




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