Don’t forget to pick up your Flawless Battle-Stones

It’s Children’s Week again in Azeroth which means, time to run your orphans through the streets, battlegrounds, and all kinds of other crazy places. Whether you have done it once, or 100 times, there are still reasons to do it again:

Axxeus battle stone

Axxeus snags Battle-Stone from the Pet Care Package.

Experience! Your alts can get a decent chunk of XP (about 12-15k+ if you are 90-99). There are about 6-9 quests per orphan, so you can see this adds up.

Gold: If you are max level, you can pick up gold for each quest you do, in addition to that, you can select the pouch or try and sell your battle stones (or use them then sell the rare pet).

Flawless Battle-Stone: Whether you pet battle or not, you can use the stone to make a better quality pet or sell the stones outright. Simply select the Pet Care Package for your reward.

You can do a tier of the quest on every character you have and the stones are account bound. So, have fun and go collect your stones!

The three tiers can be picked up in Stormwind/Orgrimmar, Shattrath, and Dalaran on level appropriate characters.

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