Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

Last night’s episode, Captive, did just that. At least for me. I mentioned how last weeks show finally took FTWD to that next level. Captive was no let down. It showcased some really fine acting and action sequences. Before we go further,

***** Spoiler Alert *****

Connor seems to have some creepy plans for Alicia, by the choice of music playing and him cooking her a steak. Jack later mentions he likes to get to know new people one on one, but has never cooked anyone a steak. It had a creepy vibe for sure.

No remorse: Any forgiveness I had for pregnant lady vanished when she snatched Alicia’s steak and walked out. I suppose she needed it more, but that was kind of crappy.

Faulty towers: Deciding to leave Chris alone with Reed was a bad decision. Unless you wanted Chris to kill him. Someone should have underscored that they might need Reed for a possible swap. Not sure that would have mattered. At worst, they should have had 2 people with him if one had to be Chris–the ticking time bomb.

Respect: Strand seems to respect Madison by allowing her to do what she does. I was fairly surprised he agreed to go after Travis and Alicia without protest. Either he holds her in some regard or is setting her up. Madison seems to be emerging as a leader of the group.

Devil goes down to Georgia: Alicia keeps playing Jack’s strings like a fiddle. Somewhere Charlie Daniels is smiling.

An old friend: Alex meets up with Travis on the ship and she lays the guilt on him pretty hard. It was Strand who cut the rope, but Alex blames Travis for putting her in there. If not for that, the group would have left them in the boat, so not sure why she singled him out. It was her only hope. She could have tossed Jake overboard. Alex seems to have an over developed sense of revenge.

Conflicted: Jack seems conflicted between his love for Alicia and his duty to his group. I almost feel sorry for him, as it is clear Alicia is biding her time with him.

Too easy: Reed easily gets under Chris’ skin, absolutely toying with his emotions. It’s possible he wanted to push him into killing him, or he miscalculated Chris, who badly wanted to make up for his mistake. I don’t fully blame Chris. He’s young and emotional. Daniel is too smart not to know better. So is Madison.

Smooth operator: Madison negotiates the terms of swapping captives. Even gets Connor to comply without hearing if his bro is alive. He probably thought he could out muscle them. He was wrong.

Boom clap: There goes the leverage! Chris snapped and shot Reed in the mouth–pretty horrifically. Chris claims that he was turning. We find out a little later Chris was lying.

I love it when a plan comes together: Daniel stops Nick from killing Reed after he reanimates. I knew exactly what he was going to do, and it was brilliant!

Voices: Daniel thinks he hears Reed say, “Drop the gun” in Spanish. Obviously some kind of flashback from his torture days. I absolutely hated when Rick was seeing his dead wife in The Walking Dead. It looks like we are going to go down the same path here. Daniel is probably the last person we want hearing things.

Action not words: The exchange seen was pretty cool. It went down like I thought it would, with zombie Reed biting someone. Turns out he got Connor and another man. Travis head butted the third guy, and eventually pummeled him. Alicia jumps off the docked ship into the water, and onto the Zodiac. Wrapped up pretty tidy.

Questions: Will the group confront Chris about his cold blood killing of Reed–then lying about it? Ofelia questioned that Reed was then her and Nick saw him come back to life. Madison seemed to know, but she might be okay with it. At least for the time being. Daniel was able to make lemonade out of it, but I would think he would have been the most upset. I hope they don’t just let it go.

What will Jack and Alex do now that Conner is a walker? Will they continue on? Will they seek the group on the Abigail–either to join them or revenge?

Will Strand try to get the whole group into Baja or is he waiting for the opportune time to leave them high and dry? We know he holds his word, and obligations. He did say he and Madison, “we’re even”.

Zombie kill of the week: I don’t think there was an official zombie kill. Chris tried to kill Reed and ended up turning him into a zombie, then Reed was thrown into a group consisting of his brother, and 2 others. It might have to go to zombie Reed taking a bite out of Connor. Keep it in the family, right?

This installment is kind of a bonus edition, as you can see where I get some of my catch phrases from- Actual songs, movies, or lines from movies. I’m kind of weird like that. Hope you enjoyed it. See you next week!

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7 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

  1. other Jeff says:

    I thought the exchange was going to go down different, thought Luis (IMDB calls him Carlos???) was going to be hiding some where and pick off Conner and the rest of the pirate thugs. It woulda been a lot smarter having that as back up.
    I think the exchange worked out better with walker Reed then it would have if he was still alive, with that big ol’ crowbar thru his guts. I loved the irony of him biting Conner, and a bit relieved too knowing Conner wont come after them. But yeah, what will Alex and Jack do and other surviving members, there are 10 more besides the two goons that were on the dock. Jack sorta seemed like he didn’t care much for Conner/Reeds pirate life style, might not return to it, but again, what about the others? Also Alex, she said she doesn’t let any one take advantage of her. Almost sounds like she had a plan to manipulate Conner or even take over from him? Either way now he’s gone could that accelerate her becoming the new pirate leader? Although, once the Abigale makes it to Mexico, that sorta ends the story line of Jack and Alex.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Yeah. The exchange totally went down better with zombie reed. Twofold- easier to control, and they were able to pull the crowbar out and he would live. I was thinking they might gag him, but what happened was even better. Him biting Conner was such poetic justice.
      The Luis thing threw me too. I have been checking up with the IMDB page just to see if I can catch things, and sure enough, they had him as Carlos for 2-3 weeks. They also had Alex as Charlie, which was her name on Flight #462. I’m totally confused by it. I might tweet Talking Dead next week and see if I can get an answer.
      I think Baja might be overrun. They got this nice ship built, I think we might get one more season out of it. Maybe Alex and Jack can hijack a better boat (seemed all they had were little sailboats) and follow Abigail. Can’t remember if either of them overheard about Baja. Alex is credited for like 17 shows, so she definitely will hook up with the group at some point. Should be interesting to see how it goes down.
      Thanks for “signing in”.

    • oxxo910 says:

      12, not 17 episodes for Alex. Still should get her through season 2, I believe.

  2. other Jeff says:

    Maybe, (Alex being on the rest of the season), Jack and preggo bitch are only listed for two shows. Is she just going to take off on her own without any of the other pirates? Could be a mistake like getting Luis/Carlos and Alex/Charlie wrong.

    • other Jeff says:

      DOH..hit ‘post’ button too soon.
      Thomas Abigail isn’t listed for any other shows BUT Luis’s mother is. Hmmmmmm

      • oxxo910 says:

        I’m not even going off that. I’m just going by gut feeling. While Strand hasn’t said he loved him, he obviously cares for the guy. It would be a huge blow to him and transform his character. I think Strand very well may be one of the 2-3 main characters. He has certainly got a lot of the early development time.

    • oxxo910 says:

      It could be. The show is definitely young enough where it’s hard to trust anything 100%. Then again, they had the actor who played Negan as being in 1 episode for like the whole 2nd half of TWD season 6. Those mistakes make you wonder.
      The Charlie thing is actual discrepancy between #462 and the actual series. That one baffles me.

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