7 deadly comps for this week’s Tavern Brawl: Top 2

Judging by my own anecdotal evidence, this week’s Tavern Brawl: Top 2 might be one of the more popular brawls since Blizzard rolled out the feature. I’m willing to bet part of it is it’s simplicity: Pick any two cards and put them in your deck. The Innkeeper then fills your deck with those cards.

Yeah. This happened

This happened on my very first Tavern Brawl. I hope yours works out a lot better!

It’s been quite the topic for discussion, and it seems people are having fun with it. In case you haven’t ventured in yet, I thought I would list a few of these decks.

Druid: Innervate + Yogg Saron– The first deck I went up against was a druid playing Innervate and Y’Shaarj. Turn one they got it out and at the end of the turn, Bam! Two Y’Shaarj. You can do lots of things with Innervate. Ragnaros was the 2nd deck I faced. I’m not even kidding.

Druid: Naturalize + Coldlight Oracle– This is a mill deck. If you have never played one, you basically run your opponents out of cards quickly, generating “fatigue” damage, which doubles every time they draw a card when they have none left. Usually these matches take some time, but with this Tavern Brawl, things escalate quickly. You can use Naturalize on your own minions, and your opponent still draws 2 cards.

Hunter: Mech Warper + Metaltooth Leaper– I almost hate posting this deck. I have yet to play it, but I have conceded as soon as I see 3-4 Mech Warpers come out. I know what’s coming next and I don’t like it! Very effective though, but not very fun/imaginative.

Priest: Lightwell + Mind Blast. Throw down a couple of these, then go to town on the Mind Blast. If your opponent can’t remove them, it should be over quick. There are some other variations if you want to go more offense. Lightwell + Inner Fire? or Shadowbomber and Mind Blast.

Shaman: Whirling Zap-o-matic + Rockbiter Weapon– This match is over quickly if your opponent cannot remove your minion. Rockbiter gives you a +3 you can use as a removal or buff up your minion.

Warlock: Soulfire + Fist of Jaraxxus– Warlocks have lots of fun combos for this brawl. This is one of the more effective ones. If your opponent is not playing minions, this will be over very fast.

Warrior: Target Dummy + Bolster– This deck is super cheesy, but is super effective. If you get a good draw, you can be buffing 3-4 Target Dummies in round 2.

There you go, those are just a handful of popular/deadly combos you are likely to encounter in this week’s brawl. I encourage you to experiment with some things. Have fun melting some faces!

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