Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

Last night’s episode, Sicut Cervus, set the stage for the mid-season finale. It revealed some things that were a bit up in the air for a few weeks. Before we get to it all,

***** Spoiler Alert *****

Church of the poisoned mind: The episode starts out with a choir singing and a priest addressing his parishoners. We then see them outside bleeding from the eyes. We later find out why. I didn’t catch it in my first viewing, but upon my second watch I heard the padre say, “Celia…this was her”. Which means I didn’t catch that as foreshadowing. Which is a shame.

So long: Luis, We barely knew you. Your head shots will be missed. I thought he would be around a little longer.

Daniel: Is still the guy you want watching your back. He keeps his head in tense situations and does what needs to be done.

Force to be reckoned with: The group shows it’s mettle again as they quickly dispatch the poisoned church goers who reanimated. Ofelia steps up when Daniel is having a flashback. Chris seems content to let Madison fend for herself as a walker has her pinned down. This goes back to an earlier conversation he has with Travis. Not good for the future of the group.

Home sweet home: The group makes it to Abigail’s farm in Baja. Uplifting music plays and it reminds me of when they found the farm in The Walking Dead. Lots of parallels here. I don’t think they will be staying here quite as long. The group gives up their weapons way too easily. I get that they feel they are in a safe haven. I love the interaction between Daniel and one of the caretakers. Her expression when Daniel only hands a knife over is priceless. Once again, he is the only one thinking clearly.

Love and affection: We see for the first time Strand has genuine affection for Thomas, that goes beyond duty or obligation. He expresses regret for not making it to him sooner. We see the emotion pour out of him as he lets himself be vulnerable to his partner.

An American sociopath in Mexico: Chris is transitioning into sociopath after we see Alicia call him out for his non-action with Madison. He restrains her, threatens her, and then says, “I don’t want to hurt anyone”. Granted, the kid has been through a lot. He’s definitely moved up a notch from “ticking time bomb”.

No cougars: Madison does not like Celia at all, and Celia picks up the vibe. Either she thinks Celia is making a move on Nick or possibly filling his head with crazy theories. Nick is a big boy though, and can take care of himself.

Growing apart: Madison and Travis have had their ups and downs. We see them split on the issue of Chris and how to deal with him. Travis doesn’t see the potential danger his son is presenting to the group. Something I think we will see come to a head sooner than later.

Secret: Daniel finds out Celia is keeping walkers in a cellar. More flashbacks to Hershel’s farm. Save for Hershel did it because he thought they might be able to find a cure. It will be interesting to see how this plays out with the rest of the group.

Suicide is painless: Celia happily gives Strand and Thomas poisoned communion wafers so they can “transition” to the next phase of their lives together. She says she was wrong about Strand and is proud of his decision to end his life. That’s got to be the biggest backhanded compliment you can give, isn’t it?

Abort: Strand picks life over undeath. A good sign for his character moving forward. He stops Thomas from reanimating with a single shot to the head.

Murder is the case that they gave me: Chris enters the room Alicia and Madison are sleeping in. He makes his way to the nightstand where he picks up a shiny knife. Before anything else can happen, Alicia wakes up after hearing Strand’s gunshot. She yells for Chris to leave, and Madison wakes up. This is going to be some good TV next week folks.

On a side note, Strand’s mercy shot saves the group from Thomas coming back, and it possibly saves Alicia and Madison. That’s good efficiency. Another strong episode full of nuances and symbolism. Next week’s mid-season finale should be outstanding.

Questions: Celia is shaping up to be quite a character. On the surface she is charming, hospitable, and caring. Underneath, she is very calculating, manipulative, and has her own crazy theory about the zombie apocalypse. Could she be the “Governor” of FTWD?

Who is this group’s Rick? I keep asking this question. It seems like Madison is the front runner. Strand even gave her the “fierce” label. A pretty high compliment coming from him. Travis has Rick’s “fists of fury” though. He also has a son who is moody and doesn’t mind killing.

How will the group react when Daniel tells them about Celia’s zombie cellar? Will they simply leave or confront her?

What will Chris do when Travis confronts him about Madison and Alicia? It seems like he crossed the line. Can he be redeemed? Will the group let him work through it? I can see Travis and Chris splitting off. I don’t think Travis would leave his son.

Will Strand stay with the group now that Thomas is gone? Strand had one goal and that was to get to Baja. What will he do now? We at least know he chose life over the alternative.

Where will the group go? Back to the Abigail? I can’t imagine they will want to stay with Celia’s penchant for poisoning people and keeping walkers on site.

Zombie kill of the week: There were many. While it wasn’t spectacular, the significance of Ofelia killing a walker who was engaged with Daniel was huge. She stepped up to the plate and became a contributor to the group. Gold star girl!








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