Brawl of the week: Unite Against Mechazod (again)

If you have not played this week’s Tavern Brawl yet, it is the first (and only?) cooperative brawl we have had so far. It’s fun and challenging (and frustrating at times). The only downfall is that once you get your win, you have less incentive to play. That being said, it might take you a few cracks at the apple.

Unite Against Mechazod!

Mechazod is back, for a limited time! Get yours while supplies last!

Square off vs Mechazod using either Uther–the paladin, or Anduin–the priest. The decks are premade, and filled with cards and spells that may aid your cause (basically they will frustrate the hell out of you).

Use either Uther or Anduin

One strategy is to flood the board with minions and eventually buff one up to take out Mechazod. Make sure it’s protected though. Mechazod loves to take out your “highest attack” minion.

Damn, too late

Mis-timed my screen shot. I wanted to get Mechazod getting the lethal. Ah, well. Next time!

My opponent/partner got Fjola Lightbane up to 40 attack and we were able to protect it (it divine shields anytime you target it with a spell). I was a little late on my screen shot, so you will have to take my word for it. It was brilliant! Only took me 3 tries, which isn’t bad at all.

Have fun beating up on Mechazod. Good luck, enjoy the games/free pack, and see you next week!

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