Imagine: Ironman/Ironwoman tabard

I’m not really sure how or why I started on this topic, but I suddenly was struck with the idea: What if there was a way to show off your dedication to playing an “Ironman” style of play. Why not a tabard that lets everyone know the level you have achieved.


Ironchic (think Iron shiek). Level 5 and alive!

Boom! Enter the Ironman tabard. It would have different levels and indicate how far you have got playing by certain rules. The tabard itself would limit you from using certain conveniences such as mounted travel or equipping certain items.

Why a tabard? It’s something unique that would identify you as being a part of a certain group. It reminds me of during Wrath how people would wear different tabard while repping up with a faction. It was cool when you saw a player going through the same grind as you. Only, this would be on anohter level.

What would it do? As I said, it would restrict certain things from being usable. It would change colors every tier of difficulty you have accomplished. (every 10-20 levels or maybe every expansion)

Achievements and title: You would get achievements every step of the way, and once you hit max level during a given expansion, you would be rewarded with a title. (Ironborn, perhaps?)

If it works out (and why would it not?) they could expand it to other playstyles as well. Only leveling on dungeons with weapons and gear that drops for you. Leveling through gathering, killing mobs/pet battles.

I know you could do this now, but this would legitimize, reward, and throw a little glory on those who want a little more challenge out of their game. It might be a little work to get programmed, but I think it would add a lot to the game.

What do you think? Would you be interested in an Ironman/Ironwoman tababrd, achievements, and/or title? Feel free to drop a comment down below!

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2 Responses to Imagine: Ironman/Ironwoman tabard

  1. John Patrick says:

    I think that would be a very good idea. It would not require much work from the devs, and the tabard would be a great way for them to open a new facet of the game. I would require someone get to level 20 as an Ironman before you could get the tabard from the vendor. Add to that some achievements unique to “Ironman” play, and I think you have a winning combination..
    I think we would see quite a few “achievement whores” players trying their hand at it – for obvious reasons. 🙂
    More active players is never a bad thing.

    • John Patrick says:

      Addendum: Oh, yeah. After you get the tabard, the first time you break the rules of Ironman, the tabard drops from your inventory. That character will be unable to regain Ironman status – naturally.
      I just thought I’d get that clarification in.

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