Brawl of the week: Shadow Towers

This week’s Tavern Brawl is another new one: Shadow Towers- all your minions get stealth the first round you play them. I did this on my second account, so I didn’t have all the nasty cards I do on my main.

Shadow Towers

Shadow Towers.

So, I took up the Warlock and filled it with some low cost minions. I put a couple heavier hitters in the back end. This brawl is going to get ugly as the day goes on. It’s Wild, so you can use all of your cards. There are a few cards from Naxx and Goblins vs Gnomes I can think of that will be very imposing.

Starting out

You also get 10 armor. Apparently they want these matches to last a few rounds. Heh.

So get in there and get your win. You create your own deck so you can use it to get all your dailies done. The sledding should be tough though. Especially when people get home from work and put some thought into their collection. Have fun. See you next week!

Win and get out

This is me missing the lethal (screen cap) again. Oops!

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