How much gold should you make per hour?

This question came to me as we were discussing the new spec changing mechanic and pricing on the Queue one day. I’m not going to get into the politics of that whole issue, save for the pricing: 16, 24, 32, 64*. That all seems fair, as far as gold goes. Even if you are a prolific spec-swapper, you should be able to make gold to cover it, and then some. Just how much gold do you make per hour?

Dance like no one is watching

Make gold, or dance naked in Dalaran? Why not both?

This is what I want to know (for those of you in Legion Beta!).

After 50 minutes of upper tempo questing in Talador, I ended up with 640g, (started with 10g) for a net amount of 630g. Not too bad for an hour of questing. I did seem to get a lot of weapon drops though. Not sure what that will be like in Legion. Even if you go slow, and there aren’t as many drops, I think it’s reasonable to expect between 300-500g per hour of questing. That’s a pretty good chunk of change.

So how much do you make now? Do you keep track? If so, do you feel you are making enough gold from questing? Feel free to let me know in the comments down under!

*since initially writing this, the costs have been reversed. Still brought up a good question going forward!

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4 Responses to How much gold should you make per hour?

  1. ravyncat says:

    I haven’t done a lot of questing on the beta, but I ended up with about 500 to maybe 900 gold after about two hours of not seriously questing but looking around and questing.
    I’m not certain because I am not sure how much I had to start. I blew a lot of gold leveling up cooking so I could test that.

    I think gold from quests and selling gear drops, grays etc. will be more than decent enough to cover expenses. This is at level 100 so most of the rewards are XP with only token gold. At 110 the rewards for questing out a zone will likely be higher.

    At the moment all my gold is coming from the garrisons because I am milking that crap as long as possible. I probably do have enough but now I’m curious to see just how much I can make with hard work. I have hit the gold cap once, going for hitting it again on my main server. Two others have 100k gold each and the last has about 230k gold. My goal is 3 million on my main and at least 500k on the others. Probably won’t make it, but it is fun to try. 😀

    • oxxo910 says:

      Wow! Thanks for the detailed reply. Good to see gold will be ample. I kind of thought it would, because it’s been that way since Wrath. Any idea how professions will be for gold making? Would be nice to get back to that whole thing. Thanks for the comment!

      • ravyncat says:

        I don’t know yet on professions because character copy is not enabled. I probably won’t test things like JC until it is because I don’t want to farm enough old mats to level that from scratch. I will let you know though.

        I am sure that raid mat professions will continue to be profitable. Not sure on the others. I’m not sure what purpose inscription even has in Legion.

      • oxxo910 says:

        Sounds good, and thanks again!

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