Brawl of the week: Cart Crash at the Crossroads

This week’s brawl is a new take on probably one of the oldest and most played Tavern Brawls (Encounter at the Crossroads): Cart Crash at the Crossroads.

Cart Crash at the Crossroads

Cart Crash at the Crossroads.

The Crossroads has probably been my least favorite brawl, mainly due to it’s random nature. This adds a new spin to that. Combining two classes is not a totally unique concept if you have been playing Hearthstone and it’s PvE adventures. It’s a pretty cool mechanic. It’s still really random, and my match was one-sided (in my favor).

Choose wisely

Chose your hero.

The fact that you can pick a class, then combine it with another class’s cards, is pretty fun. What kind of combo’s will you come up with?

Add additional cards

Pick another class to add to your deck!

It should be a good brawl for newer players, and be replayable based on it’s dynamic/versatility. So get in there and see what combos work for you. Have fun, and see you next week!



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