The Altoholic’s guide to: Heirlooms

If you play World of Warcraft, you might have heard the term, “heirloom”. You might have dismissed it, thinking, what the heck would I need that for? Well, in Warcraft, they are account bound weapons and armor that you can send (or now just use the interface) to any of your other characters. They make leveling up faster and easier. So I thought, now would be a good time to talk about them.

guild vendor SW

Guild vendor in Stormwind. There is a guild vendor in most capital cities. (ask a guard!)

What do they do? They offer gear that increases in power as you increase in level. Some of them, provide experience bonuses, which increases the amount of experience you get from quests and killing monsters.

Where do you get them?

Collecting heirlooms is easier than ever before. Mainly because they are account bound. There are also many ways to get them:

The fastest way is gold, but that would require you to have a bunch. The second fastest way is probably PvP Those heirlooms have slightly different stats though. The slower and steadier way is from Darkmoon faire tokens and lastly, the Argent Tournament tokens. The more characters you have working on them, the faster you will get there.

Your guild sells heirloom helms, legs, and cloaks for gold. Visit the guild NPC in your faction capital.

Which ones should I get first? There are a couple different ways to go here. My choice is usually to get a weapon first, then get the chest. The chest provides the best stats, plus gives a 10% experience bonus.

Why should I get them? The main reason is so you can level additional characters quicker. Another reason is they increase the power level of your character. A third reason is there is an achievement that awards an heirloom mount: Chauffeured Chopper, a mount you can use from level 1! That’s right! No more running through Orgrimmar or from the docks in Stormwind all the way to the Trade District. You will now be able to ride in style!

Check out this list on Wowhead for even more information on heirlooms!

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