Brawl of the week: Cloneball!

This week’s Tavern Brawl is a new one, Cloneball!- your deck is filled with random legendary minions, 4 copies of each. Quick math says 4 x 7 = 28, 2 extra cards?


Are you ready for some Cloneball?!?

So, one good thing is that you get to pick your hero. I chose a mage, because mages are awesome. I figured they have some good class legendaries too.

I soon figured out a mage might not be the best class. Since your deck is stocked with Legendary minions, you might not be able to play anything for a few rounds…

Opening hand

Opening hand, and it looks like I’m screwed.

2 Kel’Thuzad, 2 Blackhands, the Coin and, what is this interesting card?

Offensive Play

Offensive Play is the name of the game.

Offensive Play: The next Legendary minion you play and all your other copies cost (3) less. I’m guessing there are 2 of these in every deck (as there are 2 extra cards after the 28 minions). This card makes the match “doable”. I wish there were a few less minions and more cards like this that affected the outcome of the match.

Thought I was well in control

Thought I was well in control…I was wrong.

I drew a Flame Leviathon on my next turn, and felt pretty good with the Coin and Power Play. I dropped it with major confidence. Then my opponent dropped a Rend Blackhand, (kills a legendary, leaving them with an 8/4 Legendary of their own) so I bailed.

Tried the pally

Then I tried the paladin.

I got a “wonderful” draw with the paladin. A Gelbin Mekkatorque and 2 Deathwings. I’m not sure why I didn’t concede this match.

Better results

Better results.

I actually got to play 2 Deathwings (which I desperately needed) because my opponent played a couple Mal’Ganis, and Illidans. This brawl is not for the faint of heart. If you have a ton of patience, this brawl is for you. As always, enjoy, and see you next week!

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