Brawl of the week: Heart of the Sunwell

This weeks Tavern Brawl: Heart of the Sunwell, is one we have had before. It can be fun, it can be frustrating. Depends how you play it. What you will do, is start off with a full 10 mana crystals.

Heart of the Sunwell

Heart of the Sunwell.

Pick your hero and build your deck. Be prepared for a full on fight from round 1!

Build your deck

Build your deck.

I went with the mage, loaded it up with some high impact spells, some beefy minions, and maybe Yogg-Saron.

Start Strong

Start strong. Your opponent will.

A strong start is key. Minions that can spawn other minions, or give you extra spells are nice.

Finish Strong

Finish stronger.

A strong finish is good. Throw down a legendary minion, maybe a Pyroblast to the face. Pop! Pop! As you can see, I had some backup too. Prepare to play a lot of filthy mages. This is going to be very tough as players fill their decks with all those high powered cards. Hopefully you got in and got your free pack for the week. Enjoy, and see you next time!

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