The Daily Word

Welcome to the inaugural posting of a new idea that came to mind. I have a lot of information and life experience to offer (aka I make lots of mistakes!) so why not have others benefit from them? This will be a space to inform and discuss various topics from time to time.

Today’s word: Organize. Yep. Simple. Effective. My life is kind of simple, but in it’s simplicity, it can get pretty cluttered relatively easy (and quick) with each passing day.

Example: Mail. If you are like me, you might go through your mail, and then toss it on a table to let it pile up. Things you know about, (banks statements, bills, etc.) get put aside. You might even pay your bills online, or have them deducted from your account.

Even important stuff, like say, your car title, might get put aside so you can file it (or if you are really smart–safe deposit) away later. Since selling your car might be the furthest thing from your mind, you might let it go. Fast forward a couple, two-three years, you actually are thinking about selling that car. Except, you can’t find that silly car title. Did I actually put it in the safe deposit? Did I toss it in “the drawer”? You know the one with all the important shit in it? Yeah, that’s what I did with my last one. Yeah.

Only you open that drawer and it’s full of–stuff. Lot’s of stuff. Most of it’s actually important. Old tax statements. You rifle through it a couple times, then you start to think, maybe I did take it to the bank. Did I?. You sigh. You make a resolution to go through all your drawers, and that huge fucking pile of stuff on your one dresser. You curse yourself for letting it get so out of control.

Finally, one day while you are waiting for some chili to heat up, you start clearing off that dresser. Pile by pile, years go by like some kind of time capsule. Pretty soon an old paper garbage bag fills up, and you are down to that last place. “The place” on your dresser reserved for those “really, really important things” that you promise to take care off–soon™. Half way through, you see the holy grail–your beloved car title. A smile comes to your face, partially because you know getting a copy of your title will cost you about $100, partially because you know you can move forward.

Organize. Whatever you need to do, however old or young you are. Start today. It could be something simple as getting a folder or manila envelope. It could be something as complex as heading to Office Depot (or wherever) and getting a small filing cabinet. Do it. Don’t put it off. Do whatever you can to get better organized. Thank me later.

Do you have any thoughts or feelings on organization? Feel free to share your stories or tips in the comments below.

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2 Responses to The Daily Word

  1. Nev says:

    my go-to filing system was shoe boxes! I had one on my desk for all the stuff that didn’t get filed immediately then once it was full, I’d have to go through it to prevent overflow spillage! At least that was always the idea – in reality, I’d just label the box with the year and go get a new shoebox for the desk!
    I did put the really important stuff in one of those file boxes though – you know the concertina files with compartments & a small lock/catch. It was my ‘in case of fire’ box so my passport, birth certificate, car title, pension plan details, copy of my will etc.

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