Brawl of the week: Pick a Hand, Any Hand

This week’s Tavern Brawl seems pretty fun: Pick a Hand, Any Hand. Choose a class, and load it with seven cards. Why seven? I don’t know.

Pick a Hand, Any Hand

Pick a Hand, Any Hand.

I picked a mage and loaded it with: Mana Wyrm (2), Flamewaker (2), Echo of Medivh, and a couple legendary minions. You know. For flavor.

Pick the first 7 cards

Pick the first 7 cards.

My strategy paid off. Even though I did not use it, I got a Gadgetzan Auctioneer, who would have worked really well with this deck. Since all the portals are spells, I would have had a good supply of cards if needed. You might want to slip one of those into your deck, if you have one.



Anyways, enjoy the brawl. It should be a really fun one. Since you only have to come up with seven cards, it shouldn’t be too bad on the newer (or lazy) player. Picking the class should allow you to use this brawl to do dailies too. See you next week!


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